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C25K Week 4 and June Yoga Challenge Week 2 Recap

Another week has flown by and I’m ready for the weekend. Is anyone else ready? Let me hear ya holla!

Last night, I wrapped up Week 4 of the C25K program. It was a much better run than Tuesday’s run. My time was faster, my distance was longer and I have finally started to feel myself doing better with each run. I love that I’m starting to see some progress.

I hit my longest distance since I started the C25K program with 2.49 miles and since I wasn’t back at the house yet, I added another .2 miles walk on top of this to get me back to the house. Overall, I am pleased with this and looking forward to my next run, which may not be until Sunday. I have a TON to do tonight and I’m working at a baseball tournament all day tomorrow.

Now, onto that yoga challenge I’ve been participating in hosted by Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Challenge: To complete 3 yoga sessions per week


  • I got a late start this week. Last weekend was crazy busy so there wasn’t a whole lot of fitness going on. Tuesday was my first yoga session of the week, which was a 30 min session brought on by Comcast On Demand. 
  • Earlier in the week, Courtney told her readers about MyBarre3 and later offered a 15 day trial. I jumped at this chance after reading her post about the sire and their workouts. Last night, I was pretty tired but decided to get a quick 10 min yoga session in using one of the videos from the site. If their all as awesome as the video I chose, I am on board. I loved it! They are fabulous! I will definitely being do more of those workouts
Unfortunately, I only completed two yoga sessions for the week, but I know I will do better this week, especially after completing one of the my barre workouts. I already can’t wait for the kiddos to go to bed so I can get my yoga on.
HUGE thanks to Courtney for reaching out to MyBarre3 and scoring her readers a 15 day trial membership.
       *****Did you miss my Week 1 Recap? Check it out here
For now, it’s back to the grind at work. This weekend, I plan on making a little extra money this weekend working a ball tournament, and Sunday, it’s all about TJ. Whatever he’s wanting to do for Father’s Day is what we’ll be doing. Who wants to make a bet that he’ll choose absolutely nothing except hang out at the house and relax. lol.
What are your plans for the weekend? Any fun Father’s Day plans with the dads in your life?

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Bracing for Beryl

How is everyone’s Memorial Day weekend going? We’re hanging in here and bracing for Tropical Storm Beryl. Personally, I’m not worried. I think we’ll end up with lots of rain and wind but nothing that will cause too much damage, although a few trees have fallen in the city. We’ve been under a Tropical Storm Warning since yesterday morning and it’s supposed to last through Tuesday. This morning they added a Flood Watch too. We’re slightly inland so I’m not worried about flooding at all.

As we speak, the front of the storm is beginning to hit Jacksonville, FL and expected to make landfall in a few hours.

After good ol’ Beryl makes landfall, she will turn and head our way. We will some rain as it heads onshore, but I think there will be more once it turns and heads our way.
Due to the storm coming, I forced TJ to help do a little bit of yard work Friday night and then we went back to more yard work yesterday. I knew with the storm coming that we may not be able to do any work today or tomorrow, so I headed to the gym as soon as TJ come home from work so we could get some yard work done during Jordyn’s morning nap.  While working, TJ was exhausted and talking about how the city was only going to 15 bags a week without charging us. More than 15 and we’re charged a bulk pick up fee. I decided we would only fill 15 bags and be done so we didn’t have a ton of bags sitting around for a week until they came back. We also knew we would have to move as many of these bags into the garage/man cave as we could to avoid them getting blown over and our work being for nothing. 
To TJ’s relief, it didn’t tale long to fill up 15 bags. The sad part though? 15 bags was only half of our front yard. We still the other half of the front yard and the entire back which is 3 or 4 times worse. 
While I didn’t get nearly as much yard work done as I wanted, I had plenty more to do around the house. Laundry, cleaning, workouts, picture edits, it all seems never ending.
Thursday was C25K day. My run was slower and I was pretty disappointed in myself but the only thing I can do is improve on the next run. I took a different route, which is mostly sunny so it was hot. I need to stick that route to a morning run.
Saturday, I decided to head to the gym instead of going for run. My main reason? I wanted a weigh-in. I don’t own a scale (most of the time I like it that way so I’m not tempted to step on the scale constantly), so I haven’t stepped on a scale about a week. I opted for an elliptical workout which I loved. I always love an elliptical workout. I wish I owned one. LOL!
After my workout, I stepped on the scale and the results…..down .8 pounds! A little disappointed it’s not more, but I’ll take it. It puts me at a quarter of the way through my weightless goal! Happy face at reaching my first goal!!!!!

I knew going to bed last night that is I wanted to get a run in today, I was going to have to go as soon as TJ came home from work since at that time we didn’t know exactly when the rain would start. It still hasn’t started, but I’m actually really glad I went so early. It was cooler and not as humid. And I HATE humidity. Yes, I know I live in the south and have lived in the south for almost 20 years but truthfully this isn’t my choice. If I had my way, I’d live in Colorado. It’s gorgeous there and there isn’t the humidity like there is here. And they have snow. I love snow! Anywho, I went back to my normal route this morning. My end time was faster than Thursday but only by 2 seconds. However, while running, I was trying to figure out why my time is slower this week than the other weeks, and it’s because the actual amount of time I’m running is less. so I’m not as disappointed but I’m still a little disappointed. 
Something that did make me happy, was my Map My Run app and my Runkeeper app. I used both in conjunction with my c25K app. As always, I started the Map My Run app, at the beginning of my first run and stopped it as soon as my last run was done. I averaged 12:17 between the 4 runs and 3 walks. While that is only a jog, I’m happy with it because of my Runkeeper app. The Runkeeper app will give you an audio cue every 5 minutes letting you know you’re average pace, current pace and distance. during these cues, I was running and hd current paces between 10:34 and 10:56. That makes me happy! I definitely want to be faster but that will take time. Knowing that the running parts were under 11 minutes gives me the motivation to keep going and that I may not have a horrible first 5K run. HAHA!!!
I’m a little nervous to move on to Week 4, the runs will be 3 and 5 minutes and the 3 minutes were rough on me. I know I have to push myself but I hope I can do this!
It’s late and it’s time for bed. I want to hit the gym (or run if there’s no rain) in the morning when TJ gets home. For now, I leave with the some Tropical Storm Beryl cloud pictures I took before the sun went down.

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If It’s Not One Thing, It Seems To Be Another

I am SO happy it’s Friday! This week is almost over and this week has been crazy enough.

Saturday, I was leaving you with happy thoughts and promises of a few maternity pictures I took for a friend. They came out great and here are a few of the pics I took. They are all unedited though. I will share these, or some others once I edit them. I have had no time to edit these pictures yet, but am hoping to get them done next week.

What do you think? I’m no professional by any means, but I am honored that my friend allowed me to do a little experimenting and try my hand at some pictures for her.
It was after these pictures were taken that the craziness began. TJ met me with the kids downtown so we could spend some time at the park before he had to head to work. As I’m saying goodbye to my friend and her husband, I see TJ walking towards me carrying Jordyn and Dylan riding his scooter to me. I hear Jordyn crying and ask what’s wrong. TJ says she fell. Jordyn is pretty tough so you know when she gets hurts. She was crying but not screaming and didn’t want anyone to touch it. We sat down with her and debated on whether or not to take her to the ER. TJ has had a decent amount of broken bones and he didn’t didn’t think anything was broken so we eventually decided to wait til the morning and see how she was. TJ heads to work and I head home with the kids. Dylan eventually heads to bed and I cuddle on the couch with Jordyn. She struggles to fall asleep but finally does but can’t stay asleep. After a post on Facebook and a call to the NurseOne line (a 24 hour nurse line in Savannah), it’s a middle of the night for this mom and her kiddos.

We arrive to the ER just before midnight and thankfully don’t have to wait long to be seen. The doctor immediately wants some X-Rays. That was difficult. My poor baby was in so much pain and I had to hold her down. After X-Rays, the orthopedist trauma surgeon comes in and tells us my sweet little 15 month old daughter has broken her arm above the elbow, and the bone has shifted. She would have to have surgery in the morning so they could move it back and possibly put pins in her arm to keep in place. He, of course, has to go through the risks of the surgery and how unfortunately this procedure is not as simple as many people think. Because she will have to have surgery, they will be admitting her, and a tired mom, 6 year old and 15 month old are finally settled into a room around 3:30 in the morning. It wasn’t until 4am before Dylan fell asleep, who was such a trooper through the whole thing. Not one complaint from that kid. Gotta love him. After giving Jordyn some pain medication she has fallen asleep, but they still had a million questions for me and I needed to call TJ.

Just a mere few hours later, Jordyn goes in for surgery and comes out great. The doctors all praised how well she did. Look at this poor baby.

And look, they even put a cast on her puppy.

We finally head home around 6:30 and all I wanted was dinner and to relax. It was take out from Outback and an about an hour at home with TJ and the kids before TJ had to head back to work and the kids went to bed. Not my favorite Mother’s Day. On the bright side, they did get me some pretty great gifts.

My card is so cute along with my very own newspaper. And my fitbit is AWESOME! Next week, I’ll share some of the details of the fitbit.

After an exhausting first night home, I have to work Monday and come and am exhausted. The lack of sleep from the two previous days has me so worn out that a workout is not happening. I obviously didn’t get a workout in Sunday either due the events, so I have every intent on kicking butt, the rest of the week.

Then in the middle of the night I wake up sick. UGH! I felt horrible and it was definitely carrying over to Tuesday. I never call out of work but there was no way I was going in. I did start feeling better as the day went on but I wasn’t 100%, so again no workout. As for Wednesday and yesterday, I don’t really have an excuse for not working out. I was going to go to the gym after work Wednesday but TJ had a meeting to go at school and I took some pictures of a friend in her wedding dress so her mom could see it, but I could have done an at-home workout and didn’t. Bad Sabrina. LOL! And yesterday was worse. I wanted to go running, but it was running so I didn’t go and that was it. TJ had no where to be so I could have gone to the gym, or could have easily done an at-home workout. Double bad Sabrina. And today, I get home from work and Dylan is sick. I’m ready for a new week. LOL!

I DID get up this morning and head to the gym. It’s about time!

I also did a weigh-in since I missed my Sunday weigh-in. I am down .2 pounds. Can’t complain since I didn’t really workout.

And I ate pretty well today too.

Thomas 100 Calorie English Muffin topped with one wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese and some Chia Seeds, and washed down with Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate Milk (my excuse for this was I keep hearing how low-fat chocolate milk is a good after-workout snack. hehe). Sorry about no picture but I completely forgot to take a picture of this

Grande Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Hazelnut

Spinach Salad topped with a hard boiled egg, tortilla strips, almond slices, feta and sweet onion vinegarette dressing

Caramel Brownie Luna Bar

Kroger Frozen Shrimp Stir-Fry

After a not so good workout week, I plan on combining Weeks 2 and 3 in the C25K program to catch myself up along with some more gym time and I need to get more strength training in. I’ve done some but not enough.

On a completely random topic, look at my new shoes!

As for this weekend, other than workouts, I have more pictures to take. This time it’s a combo of engagement pictures/family pictures for a friend (if the rain holds up like it’s supposed to) and a baby shower in Beaufort on Sunday.

What are your weekend plans? Are they social, or are they productive things like housework and yard work?

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Little Behind

So, I’m not keeping up with this as much as I would like. 🙁 Right now, we don’t have the internet at my house. It keeps cutting out on us so we left AT&T and are switching to Comcast, but they can’t come out til Monday or Tuesday so reading my blogs in Google Reader from my phone isn’t the easiest and either is blogging for that matter.

This morning, I have brought my computer to Starbucks and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside while I give you a little update. AHHHHH……the life (mostly, the only thing missing is the beach. LOL)

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. We had family in town for SCAD’s Sidewalk Art Festival that TJ participated in. That was an all day event and was a blast. Check out a few of the pictures!
Me and my crazy family before TJ got started
Hard at work!

The finished product
A few others

If you’re interested, go here to see more of the artwork that was created. These people are fabulous. 
I guess, I should move on to an update about my weightless and fitness, the reason you’re here.
I started the C25K program this past Sunday, which means I have officially finished Week 1. I use both the C25K app from and Map My Run’s’s app is great. It tracks that day’s particular run with its pace, along with giving me audio cues as to which step I’m one, whether it’s the warm-up, cool down, run or jog. The app also has a log which allows me to add notes about the run and share it on Facebook and my active. com profile. The one thing I wish I could do was track my pace without the warm-up and cool down included. For that I use Map My Run’s app. I start the app at the start of the first run (the end of the warm-up) and end the app at the end of the last run (at the start of the cool down). I know it’s not the most accurate way to get my time, but it gives me an idea of where I’m at, or could be. Here are my “runs” from the first week.

I started the program with a friend. She wasn’t so sure it was something she could do but she gave it a shot and I think she did great for not being a runner

The next two days were in my neighborhood and on my own. I felt pretty good for both of these days and am excited to move on to the next week.

A slightly faster time and longer distance. It’s not much but I’ll take it. I’ll take each and every second portion of a mile I can get. LOL!!!! As Dory from Finding Nemo says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” In my case the swimming is running. LOL!
And now my favorite part of the post: my weightless update. I have officially lost over 10 pounds!!! I am so excited. I’m almost a quarter of the way there. WAHOO!!!!!! I’ve been working my butt off and finally I have hit my first goal.
For now, my coffee break is over and I have to head home. I’m sure Jordyn is awake, TJ wants to go back to sleep and Dylan is bored. Ahh, the life of a mom. HAHA! And on top of kiddos and a hubby, I have laundry to do, a house to clean and later this afternoon I am heading downtown to take some maternity pictures for a friend. Stay tuned later for a few pics!
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Busy Week

The last two weeks have flown by and this weekend is just as packed. Well tomorrow at least.

A quick update on my weight loss progress. I have been working out at least 3 days a week and eating a lot better, So far, I have lost 9 pounds! 36 more to go! I am no down to 141. I weigh in again on Sunday, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I don’t expect it to move much though. Curiosity got the better of me mid-week, so I stepped on the scale at the gym, so that loss is already included in the 9 pounds.

*For those you unaware, I know that 141 isn’t terribly high but I stand tall at measly 4’10” so thats WAY too high for a person of that size. I am working hard to attain the proper weight for my height.

Tommorow, TJ is participating in SCAD’s Sidewalk Arts Festival. With 852 squares of chalk art, it’s quite fascinating to see. The participants make up current students, alumni, and prospective students. You walk the sidewalks of the park and on either side of you there are fantastic drawings on the ground all done with chalk. The participants have a chance to win a number of prizes with the top prize being a $1,000. It’s an all day free event with tons of stuff to do for the kids. Check out some of the artwork last year!

I just thought this one was funny!
Gross? Yes! Funny? Yes! Fantastic artwork that doesn’t even look like chalk? DEFINITELY!

Part of a group team!

 Just cute!

Love this!
So girly and cute
I know, that’s a ton of pictures, but there are so many great ones, I had a hard time narrowing it to just a few. Beware for the next post about how tomorrow goes. Since TJ is participating there will be even more pictures showing off how proud I am. LOL!
We also have family coming in to town to support TJ. He’s pretty humble about it all and is trying to act like it’s no big deal but I know he’s excited. Bring on the family, sun, chalk and fun!