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New Year, New Me (2017 Goals Overview)

Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe 2017 is already here. Time sure has flown over the last several years when you’re husand is school, your kids are growing up and you make two major moves in 15 months! It’s been a crazy several years and every member of our family is ready for a bit more stability.

While we have some big plans for 2017, we’re all ready to plant some roots and Indiana looks to be the perfect place. No major moves for us (just praying and planning for a 2017 home purchase), which means I can start thinking about everything in more of a long term basis.

This may sound selfish but I am making 2017 about me. For the last 5 ½ years, it’s been about the kids and mostly about TJ with him being in school and trying to find theright career for him. It’s what led us to two major moves in 15 months. But now that he’s finally settled (for the most part) in his career, I figured it’s time for me to find mine, which leads me to my first goal of 2017.

Get Accepted into Nursing School


Becoming a nurse is something I have wanted for a very long time, since I was in college right out of high school. I have been wanting to go back for a while but due to many different circumstances, I wasn’t able to. Finally, I am getting the opportunity to go back in January and I am elated. I have a few classes that have to be finished before I can apply for Nursing school, so my I won’t be applying until the summer. If I get in, I will be starting nursing school January 2018!

My next goal is by far THE most popular resolution every year.

Lose Weight and Eat Clean

Oh 2012 and 2013 me, I miss you and your diet and exercise. I want that back. My diet and exercise has gone so far down, it makes me sad. I know my body and I know that while it’s doable for me to hit my ultimate goal weight by the end of the year, with work and school, I know that it may burn me out and make me crazy. Losing roughly a pound a week is a real struggle for me, especially after hit the 30 pound lost mark, so this goal is an 18 month goal with me hitting 26 pounds lost by the endof 2017. It’s going to allow me to focus on school (my main focus) and become the old healthier me again. As for healthier eating, if I can eat clean and stay within proportions 5 times a week, I’ll be happy. I know this isn’t the best detailed part of the goal, but I’ll go into that more later.

My third goal is probably the only goal a bit more family oriented.

Pay off some debt

We want to buy a house in the fall and really start planting some roots. To do that, we think paying off some our debt will help with that. My job isn’t vital so most of my work money is hopefully going to pay extra on our debt every month and we plan to use our tax return to make a nice healthy dent as well.

My last two goals are really more hobbies for myself that I want to get back into. They help keep me relaxed and give me some no stress “me” time, which will definitely be needed.

Read 25 books

I love to read but never seem to have the time. This year, I am making the time. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or right before bed (the more likely scenario), I’m doing it. Sometimes good lost in a good book is just what the mind needs.


Craft more

Another broad goal, but I would love to plan 1-2 days a month where I just craft all day. It could be house crafting projects, it could be scrapbooking, it could be sewing, it could be anything, but crafting is my happy place and we miss each other. I need it back and I need to plan these days out and make it happen. No stressing over a messy house those days. I have to learn to tell myself, I can do it tomorrow. It won’t hurt anything but a day for me to relax will be vital formy sanity.


That wraps up my goals for the year. I’m excited to see what it’s in store.

Do you set new goals for the new year? What is 2017 going to about for you?



What Happened To My Motivation?

It should be no secret that I’ve been absent for a while. There are a number of reasons for that, but I often told myself the main reason was school. School was stressing me out. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, I love the kids and I love most of the people I work with, but I was definitely stressed.

I would come home exhausted but still know my job wasn’t over. I had plenty of wife and mother resposibilities waiting for me when I walked in the door and that was enough to throw working out and longer but healthier prepared meals out the window. Towards the end of the school year, life was about finishing the school year. Between work, family and preparing for a move, a workout was the last thing on my mind.

But now school is over and I still haven’t really worked out. Let’s be real, I have only been out school for less than a week and am really enjoying relaxing and getting things around the house done while the kids are visiting their grandparents, but you would still think I would get some type of workout in. Nope. Not a one.

Why? The only thing I can think of is motivation. Or lack there of. I have a huge support of people both in my everyday real life and on social media but I still can’t seem to use that get me moving. I have goals, which maybe I need to redefine, but I have them. I have encouragement and I have the desire, but maybe I don’t have enough desire.

In my head, I want to work out. I want to get back to running. I want to lose the weight and hit my goal. But in my head, I know how stupid hot and humid it is outside and that doesn’t go well with me. And I know that’s an excuse. And not even a good excuse. There are other workouts I can do that don’t involve being in the heat and humidity. Starting 21 Day Fix over, or how about PiYo, or any other the other workout DVDs I have in my house. And while swimming is outside, you don’t feel that heat and humidity. 

But I’m still not going. And that honestly bums me out. I know once I force myself to go, that it will entice me to workout more often. It’s taking that first step to establishing a new routine. I’m having a hard time taking that first step and I honestly don’t know why. There’s nothing really stopping me. Well except thinder and lightning with swimming and running. TJ and I actually tried to go yesterday, got to the pool and heard a loud clap of thunder. back to the house we went. We don’t mess with Mother Nature. 

So what’s my excuse today? I don’t have one. Not a valid one anyway. The house can be cleaned later or tomorrow. The laundry will still be waiting for me when I get back, and blog posts will be waiting to be finished another time. 

So, that’s it. The excuses stop here. Just writing this out is pushing me. Maybe that’s all we need. A little push, or sometimes a gigantic shove to get us back on track. I’m heading to the pool to swim laps today. No if’s, and’s or but’s (unless that but is thunder and lightning).

How and where do you find your motivation? What gets you to take that first step?

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Workout Funk

If you follow me at all, you know there hasn’t been much to follow in a while. Life has seriously gotten the better of me and I have been pretty non-existent from the blog world. 

Without boring you to death, I’m going to make this as short as possible. My last post was oh, in August. Not cool, Sabrina, not cool. I had no idea, just how busy the Jackson house was going to get at that point. TJ started his final two quarters at SCAD (and as of this morning is just 3 short days away from being a college graduate!) and I started my first full year with the school system. 

On top of those, which can be hectic enough, we had to start thinking about life after SCAD and where were going, when and how we were getting to that point. We made plans, we started researching, and then it all changed. During our research and planning, came events, school projects and lots of time away from home for TJ, followed by holidays and a second job for me and more hours for TJ at his job. November and December seriously feel like a blur at times. 

We actually started thinking that January would feel like a tiny break. We began to finalize where we would be moving, my second job ended (it was just for the Christmas season), and TJ was in the swing of his new work hours. I look back to just 10 weeks ago and can’t believe TJ is just 3 days away from being done with SCAD. Life did not slow down, and while our new home state hasn’t changed, the time frame has, so we found ourselves yet again, in another minor dilemma about where we would be heading after TJ graduates (our lease is up at the end of the month). 

I can semi-breathe easy now, knowing we have found a place that has agreed to allow us to sign a short-term lease at a reasonable price, we have a moving company booked for the end of the summer and TJ is set to start a short certificate program in the fall. Now, my focus is getting a house packed in a way that will allow us to unpack as few boxes as possible for a short 5 month stay in a new apartment. This stubborn chick refuses to pack an entire house twice in 6 months. lol.

Sadly, with all we had going on, taking care of me slipped away. Workouts faded as well as healthy eating. It wasn’t intentional, but I was so exhausted by the end of the day, I wanted to relax and do nothing. And now my motivation is gone. I’m in a workout funk.

I’m hoping that’s about to change though. I signed up for The Biggest Loser at work. We’ll be competing against each other for a chance to earn some cash. Who doesn’t want to earn some cash? In all honesty though, I know based off my size, I won’t be the one to earn the money. But I figure the mere fact that I have to weigh in with the school nurse every Friday, might be enough motivation to do more and eat healthier. It runs until the beginning of May and I’m hoping it’s the kickstart I need to my butt back in gear. And I really want to get back to blogging. I enjoy it and sharing my journey to healthier me. 

Thank you so much for sticking around and if I’ve sparked your interest about where we’re moving and what’s going on with us in the near future, check out this post on our family blog. I’m sure I’ll share bits and pieces here and there, but the full details will always be found there.

Have you ever been a workout funk? What did you do to get your motivation back?

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Health and Fitness Group

Good morning! I can’t believe we’re at Thursday already. I also can’t believe that I go back to work in just a few short days. This summer has flown by and while I love my job, I wouldn’t mind a few more weeks soaking up some family time. But alas, all good things must come to an end. 
But what’s not coming to an end yet? Half marathon training and PiYo. While I just started half marathon training, I’m almost to the heart of PiYo. And if you follow me on any of the social media sites, then you know what kind of workouts I’m doing. Some of you may have even commented or liked on them. You have no idea what that means to me when you do. To know you follow me and enjoy when I post my workouts just gives me motivation to do more. I also love checking out workouts that other people have done. It’s great seeing so many people getting out and living healthy lives
It’s this motivation and inspiration, along with the health and fitness groups I am part of on Facebook to start my own group. And I want to invite you to participate. 

What exactly is it?

I’m so glad you asked. It’s a Secret Facebook group for anyone who is looking for support, motivation, encouragement in health and fitness. I feel that becoming a healthy person isn’t just about diet and exercise but it also incorporates our mental health, our relationships and our enviroment. In this group, I want people to not support, encourage and motivate each other, but I want us to all learn and become more knowledgable in living a healthy lifestyle. I want us to be able to teach other and help each other become the best possible person we can be. 
This group is a judgement-free place where you can share your goals, your why, your accomplishments and ask advice on situations and problems you’re looking to solve. This group will be what you make of it.

What can I look forward to seeing in the group?

I want this group to have information you want to know about. I plan to hold a challenge each month in an effort to help us all achieve healthy lifestyles. The challenges will range in variety from nutrition challenges to fitness challenges to mental challenges. I will share tips, motivational posts and articles, healthy recipes, workouts and more. I will ask you what you want to see and learn. I want you engaged and involved in every step. That does not meant you will have to participate in every challenge though. Those are just fun ways to get us to all step outside of our comfort zones. But who knows, maybe some of the challenges will have proxes, so it might be worth participating in.

How much does the group cost?

FREE!!! It costs you absolutely nothing. 

Are you interested? I’d love to have you join me. Just leave me a comment below, click here to join the group, email me here or at for more details. 

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Happy 4th of July!

Good morning! Happy 4th of July everyone! Today, we get to celebrate this great country we call the USA!!! Today is day I like to spend with my family, and be grateful for all we have. I also like to take the time to thank our military. Without them, we wouldn’t be the country we are today. We wouldn’t have the luxuries we have. We wouldn’t have the freedom that they fought so hard for. Today, while you’re out celebrating, take time to thank those who fought for us, past and present. They are the ones who truly deserve today.
Today, I’ll be spending time with my favorite veteran soaking in the sun and the city, in what will most likely be our last 4th of July here in Savannah.
Stay healthy and within moderation!
How will you be spending your holiday? Any special plans or do you just plan on relaxing with the ones that mean the most?

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Summer Fitness Tips

Good afternoon! I’m just a little late getting this post up today. I was up later than normal watching Beachbody’s General Session from Summit learning all about the new products coming soon. And then my brain was on planning overdrive. Anyways, the real reason you’re here. Today’s topic….

With summer in full swing for most of us (I’m quite jealous of anyone not dealing with temperatures in the 90’s or higher or with high enough humidity to make you feel you need an immediate shower after stepping out the door), I thought I’d share a few summer fitness tips with you today. You may have heard of these before, and if you have that’s ok, it can never hurt to be reminded of them again. And if you haven’t heard of them before, you’re welcome (and try a few out).

Start or end your day with a workout
The heat (and for some humidity) can be a demotivating factor when it comes to working out. It can also be dangerous to workout in the middle of the day with extreme temperatures/

To combat the heat and/or humidity, try waking up earlier before the sun comes up and getting a work out in, or go later at night after the sun has set. Mornings, you can usually find lower temperatures but higher humidity, and evenings, you will usually find higher (and by higher, I mean higher than the morning) temperatures but lower humidity. You need to do what works for you, but I find these times are what work best for me in Savannah’s heat and humidity.

Try water workouts
Another way to combat the heat, is to hit the water. If you live near the beach like I do, there are usually a lot of water sport options. Try water skiing, stand-up paddle board, surfing (OK, I can’t really do this here thanks to the barrier islands but the West Coast can rock this one), and swimming. Swimming in the ocean is a tougher workout then in a pool or lake just based on the current. It’s low-impact and will burn less calories, but ot’s still a workout and you won’t have to worry about getting overheated. But PLEASE don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen.

If you don’t live by the beach, try a lake. You can still water ski on the lake and going swimming. And if you don’t have a lake near you, check out the pool. Swimming is a fantastic cross training exercise, especially for runners.

Try indoor workouts
Still can’t handle the heat? Head indoors. Hit your local gym where they always have the AC cranked up, or try an indoor Zumba class, yoga class, barre class (something on my list to try), or even an indoor track. You can also a home workout DVD in the comfort of your own home, like Beachbody’s new PiYo program (Shameless plug. 😉 )

The heat can be brutal sometimes and if you know it’s best for your body to stay inside, then opt for an indoor workout that day.

Try cooler areas
Take some time to explore your community and find areas that may be cooler than your typical spots. For example, try running on a trail. Shady areas, are 10-15 degrees cooler than sunny parks. Live near the beach? Take your workout to the shore line. Not only can squishy sand give you a better a workout (it’s instability makes you work your core harder), the ocean breeze makes it cooler as well.

Keep checking your heart rate
The summer heat can be tougher on your body. It has a tendency to raise your heart rate faster than normal. Keep an eye on your heart rate and don’t push yourself to hard. In fact, you may need to slow down a little. If you’re running, slow down your pace over the summer. I know that’s hard to do for some, but you don’t want to over do yourself. Learn to take clues from your body to know when to slow down or stop. If you’re feeling off, it may be best to take a break.

Wear appropiate clothing 
Not all workout clothes are meant to be worn year round. Some clothes are too hot and hold in too much sweat and moisture and that’s not good for our bodies. Try finding some lighter, wicking clothing to workout in. Go for shorts or capris over pants.

Water, water, water
This is probably the most important tip in the post. Remember to hydrate all summer long. You should be doing it year round, but it’s especially important during the summer. During the summer, we tend to lose more water through perspiration so we need to make sure we are properly hydrated to avoid becoming dehydrated. You should be drinking water before, during and after your workouts. Need some ideas for how to get your water in? Check this post for ideas. Interested in teaming up for some support and encouragement to reach your daily water intake goal? Stay tuned next week for a post on July’s challenge about just that.

How do you stay motivated to workout over the summer? What tips do you recommend to get you through summer workouts? I want to know! Share them with me!


2014 Goals

As I sit here writing this post, I am in disbelief we it’s 2014. I feel like 2013 just started. Time is flying by so fast. But with the start of a new year, I’m starting with some new goals. Personal goals, blogging goals, and professional goals. And today, I thought I’d share those goals with you. 
They’re not static. I feel that as the year goes on, my goals can change and I may need to refine them. I am OK with that. As we grow and learn about ourselves, personally and professionally, we learn to define our goals in way that fit us. With that in mind, I made these a bit open-ended and vague. I know that, but I feel that this may allow me to truly accomplish my goals,

Personal Goals

2014 is all about becoming a better me. Becoming a better me is taking time for myself. Working out, eating right, relaxing “me” time. It may sound selfish but I know that this will also make me a better wife and mother to my family, which is the ultimate goal
  • Read 25 books. I love to read but I don’t always have make the time to read. It relaxes me and a relaxed wife and mommy makes a happy wife and mommy.
  • Workout 3-4 times each week. I have slacked on working out recently and I need to get back to it. I actually miss it. 
  • Run a half marathon. This is actually a goal I have to complete by the time TJ graduates from SCAD in March 2015, but Savannah only has a handful of half marathons each year. I am no where near ready to run on this Spring, so that leaves one in November or a few in 2015. TJ is also contemplating going to school through the summer, which means he could be graduating November 2014 (EEEK!!), so choosing the half marathon we have in November is the perfect option. Either way, the goal is accomplished.
  • Adding to the half marathon, I want to run a race each month. I have already planned which races I would like to run, some of the being a few virtual races to save a little money but I am pretty pumped about this. I’ll share this list with you later in the week.
  • Meatless dinners 2-4 times/week. This is actually a goal that will take a while to accomplish and a place I would like us as a family to be at by the end of the year, so this definitely wont be happenin right away. I have to work on getting that meat-eatnig hubby of mine to go meatless more often.


These are very general goals and are not quite as defined as they probably should be, but I know I want the blog to grow. 
  • post 1-2 times each week. In the past I have told myself I need to post every day, and it was really hard and a bit overwhelming. It would cause me to almost never post. So instead of trying to post every day, I’m shooting for 1-2 each week. It’s a doable goal that won’t leave me freaking out. 
  • Redesign the blog. I don’t know how just yet, but I know I want to.
  • I want to dive more into social media and gain more readers and reader interaction.


I own my photography business. It’s extremely small and I don’t get a ton of sessions, but I want the business to grow. I have hopes that 2014 will be the year it grows bigger.
  • I would like book 1-3 sessions each month. Ideally, I’d love to have more but I need to start small. 
  • Network, network, network! This is big and I know something I need to work on so people can start knowing who I am. My goal is to network here more and hopefully start networking whereever we will be moving to as soon as we know. 
  • Build a marketing plan. Marketing is a bit overwhelming to me. There are so many ways you can market and it’s a lot of information. This year, I want to dive into the marketing aspect and really begin to understand it.
While I know some of these goals will be tough, I know I can do them all if I focus and work hard.
What are your goals for 2014?

October Goals

So this month, my goals are a lot smaller. The last two months, I feel like I haven’t quite accomplished my goals they way I would have liked. I feel like part of that problem has been having too many. This month, I have reduced the number of goals so that I can really focus on them and try to achieve them exactly as I want.

Fitness Goals

  • Continue to build my running base
    •  This didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to last month but it was there some. This month I want to continue to build my base and be a more consistent runner with 4 runs per week.
  • Strength-train 2-3 times a week
    • Seriously? What is wrong with me? I just can’t get with the program on this, but this month I WILL do it! I am determined

Nutrition Goals

  • Mix up breakfast
    • If you lived at my house, you’d know I have the same thing for breakfast every morning. Some scrambled eggs with cheese and a coffee. It fills me up and is oh-so-delicious. But I really need to add a little variety to my mornings. The goal is to make 2 of my breakfasts each week something other than scrambled eggs.
That about wraps up my October goals for the month.
What are you hoping to accomplish this month?


Friday Faves #10

5 Ways To Get Better Results From Strength Training from Cotter Crunch: This is a total MUST READ! I think most of us have all been in the situation where we feel like we are getting nowhere with our workouts and seeing no results. I know I’ve been there a few times. This post will show you ways to improve your results and mayb show you what you are doing wrong.

Move It Monday: Kick It Off Right from Best Body Fitness: Oh my BUTT!!!! This workout rocked! All of Tina’s workouts are pretty amazing and you should try some out, starting with this one. It’s definitely a butt kicker.

Chicken Spring Rolls with Crunchy Almond Dipping Sauce from The Diva Dish: I love a good spring roll but don’t eat them often since, well let’s face it, they’re not super healthy. But Arielle’s here to share a healthier version and to share an almond dipping sauce, that is what caught my attention to the post. I love almonds, almond butter and now a dipping sauce made from almond butter? I’m on it. I can’t wait to eat these. Is it bad that I’m secretly hoping no one else in the house wants any?

94 Smart and Easy Ways To Save Money from Greatist: If you know me, then you know our household is on a budget (I mean we are about to have two adults in college, and we all know college kids are broke 😉 ). We are wokring really hard to get most of our debt (aside from student loans) paid off before TJ graduates from SCAD, so that when we, hopefully, move to California, we will only have rent, utility bills and TJ’s student loans to worry about. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! Some of these tips we already follow (like no cable) but there’s a good number I haven’t thought of and will be definitely trying out. If you’re like me and looking to save some money, check out some of these tips.

5 Lower Body Moves With Resistance Bands from Slim Sanity: If I have to be honest, lower body workouts are my favorite strength workouts. Aside from having stronger legs, I strive for some sexy legs. Alysia has a workout I’m super excited about. I haven’t done a resistnace band in forever. A large part of that is because I have no idea what happened to mine, so I need to pick some up and then I will be trying this workout!


My Marvelous Mom!

Today is a pretty awesome day! Today is my mom’s birthday! I won’t share her age (she might kill me and then there will no longer be a blog for you to read), but I will share just how awesome she is! My mom is there for me and my family like no one ever has been. She taught me everything I know and is always willing to listen when I need a shoulder to lean. She is amazing! Thank you mom for everything you do! I love you!