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The Wedding {And a FAB apparel company and DEAL!}

Good morning! How is everyone? I’m back with another recap from my trip, but first let me talk about my latest purchase!

Have you heard of ViewSPORT? They have sweat-activated fitness apparel that reveal motivational messages the harder you workout. I first heard about them when they appeared on an episode of Shark Tank. My husband and I love the show and seeing what kind of products and ideas people come up with. We remember thinking that this was a super cool idea and a great motivator to get you to workout harder. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, but just kept forgetting about it. Well today, I finally ordered my shirt!

Isn’t she pretty? You want to know something else that’s awesome about it? I ordered it this morning and it already shipped! Even better! And I spoke with someone today and they were absolutely fantastic! Great customer service! I will definitely be sharing a picture of me in my new shirt when it comes in! Stay tuned next week!

***Interested in your own? Check out their website and enter code “funning” to save 15% through Sunday!

****Side note: ViewSPORT has in no way compensated for me this. I just LOVE their shirts and want to share how great I think they are!


Now, onto another installment of my trip to Mass. Did you miss the first two? Check out the flight up here and our apple picking adventures here.
Saturday was wedding day! But before we took the drive to Sturbridge, we stopped to visit another cousin of mine. I haven’t seen my cousin Andy or his kids in years. We talk on facebook all the time and he only sees a million pictures of my kids there as well but he’s never gotten the chance to meet them.
We got to their house around lunchtime and they had pizza waiting for us. And this pizza was amazing! It was Grilled Chicken and Broccoli with Ranch Pizza. No joke, it was the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the pizzeria but it was great!
After lunch, we headed to the yard so Jordyn could run around and play in the leaves. This was a completely new concept to Jordyn. We have leaves on the ground at our house but they are tiny and not good to play in. Andy raked up a pile for Jordyn, but she even attempted to play in, we had to show her what to do. It didn’t take long before she was well on her way to a good time!

Once Jordyn had her fill of leaves, it was off to Sturbridge to get ready for the wedding.
The wedding was held at The Publick House, a historic New England Inn that was opened in 1771 to residents of the town and travelers as a place to stay along their route. AT one point, it also became a post for the US Army top house soliders en route to training. Visitors to stay at the Inn include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and even actors Bill Murray and John Travolta.
The ceremony was outdoors and it was a tad bit chilly but not as bad as it could have been. All the bridesmaids, along with the flower girl and bride had the cutest shalls.



Once the ceremony was over, we headed inside where the reception was held. Looking for my place card, I realized that my mo and I were separated. Hmmm…..but then realized I was sitting with my cousins. Ahhh, the kids table, just like when we were younger. Awaiting at the tables was the cutest favor I had ever seen. Tiny little maple leaf bottles filled with homemade maple syrup made by my uncle.

Aren’t these the cutest and most creative idea you’ve ever seen? Perfect for a fall wedding. Not only did my uncle make the syrup himself, he, Katrina and my cousin Josh, bottled it themselves as well. I love them! And was so excited to try it, along with give TJ his first taste of “real” maple syrup. (and btw….it was amazing!)
And check out their cake. Perfect such big outdoors people
The reception was a so much fun. We ate, we caught with each other and we dance, even my grandfather.
And of course we got some pictures. Here’s my mom (in the blue) with my grandfather and her brothers and sisters
Now my turn with my grandfather and a few of my cousins
And of course with the bride groom! Oh, and I LOVE how Katrina have the same pose going on! LOL!
And my favorite picture of them!
I love you guys! And I’m so glad I could be there!
Semi-Random Question: Did you check out ViewSPORT site? What is your favorite shirt that they offer?

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Apple Picking

Good afternoon! How is everyone’s Monday? Hopefully it’s going great. This morning, I promised another post about my trip up North. Well wait, no more.


When I last left you, Jordyn and I had just arrived in Connecticut. My cousin, Nick, had just picked us up and we were on our way to Greenfield.

After lunch, Nick took us to Poet’s Seat Tower. It’s an observation that overlooks the town of Greenfield. It’s such a beautiful place this time of year is absolutely beautiful.

Oh, how I miss this place! Isn’t it just beautiful?
After we left Poet’s Seat Tower, it was time to go visit my grandmother. We talked and visited for while and then she took us to Pine Hill Orchards to go apple picking

Have you ever been apple picking? I haven’t! And it was so much fun! Jordyn loved running around picking apples.

And my little non-apple eater made a liar out of me, going to town on her apples.

But when the look this good, how can you not try one..or two.
Even I got in on the action.

And even though there’s an abundance of apples in the orchard we still like to share.
And the beautiful woman who took us apple picking. 
After apple picking, we headed back to my grandmother’s and hung out for a while before heading to my mom’s best friend’s where we were staying the night.
I was going to share more, but this ended being a rather long post, so for now, I leave you at the end of our first, very busy day. Be on the lookout this week for more, including the wedding!
Have you ever been apple picking? Nothing’s better than fresh, local apples, or any fruit or vegetables for that matter. 

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And Away We Go…..

3 am  was our wake up call. I haven’t gotten up that early since I worked at Target and we had the occasional 4 am shift. Waking up that early is hard but definitely not as hard knowing you’re about to get on a plane and travel to one of your most favorite places, Massachusetts.

While I didn’t want to get up at first, I was anxious to get out the door. But first that meant, I had to get two very tired kiddos out of bed and dressed. Thankfully, I already had everything ready the night before so that wasn’t too difficult. It was just a matter of getting them up and dressed.

TJ very sweetly took over, “Operation: Dress The Kids” while got our coffee ready. I may have been anxious to get out the door, but I still needed my morning coffee. I pulled together a super quick breakfast for us, involving a few frozen waffles for the kids (yes, I know shame on me, but we have them for emergencies and quick on-the-go breakfasts) and a homemade egg muffin for myself. TJ didn’t want anything that early in the morning.

**** Jessica, I know there’s no color again. We had nothing in our house right now. We actually stopped at the store after coming home and there is color in our meals now. 😉 lol

Once we had breakfast and coffee in our hands, we were out the door. The airport is fairly close to us, so we were there in no time. We just needed to park and unload the car. Because I needed to bring Jordyn’s carseat, stroller and our bags, I needed TJ to help me carry everything. He really was a life saver. There’s no way I could have managed all that and kept Jordyn occupied. And without Dylan’s strong arms, how would I have ever gotten my luggae in. 😉

After the luggage and car seat was checked in, TJ and Dylan hung out for a little bit before heading out. Since they can’t come to the gate with us, there was no point in them hanging out too long. Besides, they could both use a little more sleep.

Once the boys left, it was time to head through security. Other than waiting in line, security wasn’t too bad. Because I had Jordyn with me, I couldn’t go through the body scanner, which made the process faster for me. It was then off to the gate, where we waited to board the plane.

Our first flight from Savannah to Atlanta was pretty easy. Jordyn played with a new toy,

and then as soon as they closed the doors and began to leave the gate, she cuddled up next time and was asleep before we even left the ground.

Arriving in Atlanta, my mom met us at our gate as we got off the plane to help me with my carry on bag, purse, stroller and Jordyn. Our layover was short and then it was time to board again for our flight to Hartford. Jordyn was a bit more antsy on the second flight but still did pretty well.

Apparently Jordyn needs to catch up on her reading

What flight is complete without a few high-in-the-sky pictures.

Once we arrived at Bradley International Airport, we met up with my cousin and began the drive to Greenfield, but not before snagging a picture of Mark Twain’s house, made out of 125,000 legos on display at the airport. This, among a few other pictures, were taken with my lego-obsessed 7 year old in mind.

And that brings us to Greenfield, Massachusetts, the birthplace of this blogger. I’ll end this crazy long post for now but on on the lookout for a post or two (or more. lol) about my adventures in New England (yup, you read that right. we’re not talking about just Massachusetts anymore)

Have you flown with babies or toddlers? How did they handle the flight?

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We’re Back!

We’re home! Jordyn and I arrived in Savannah late last night to our two favorite boys welcoming us with open arms. OK, well Dylan was really just excited to stay up late night on a school night and go to the airport in hopes of seeing some airplanes. It was double exciting for him.


Needless to say, we are exhausted. Dylan is now at school, and I took today off from work to re cooperate  and so TJ could take my car to Atlanta and get my treadmill (more on that later, once it arrives).
But for now, Jordyn and I are just going to hang out at the house today, go for a run, make dinner, catch up on laundry, and spend another day of quality time together. I’ll be back throughout the week (or weekend depending on how much I get done) to share a few (yes, we were that busy) posts on our trip with lots of pictures, and later today to talk about my run while pushing a stroller.
fall, fall foliage, family, life, Massachusetts, New England

Mini Vacay!!!

Sunday, I very briefly mentioned that I’m heading to Massachusetts this weekend. I am SO excited. In less than 24 hours I will be walking off a plane at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT so that I can hop in a car and head to Greenfield, Mass and see family I haven’t seen in 6 years!

6 years! I know it’s crazy, right? I miss them so much and am so excited to be in New England in the fall to see some gorgeous fall foliage.

Source for both pictures came from

I mean, who doesn’t want see all this gorgeousness?

The reason for our trip? If you read Sunday’s post, then you already know. My cousin is getting married Saturday. I’m so happy for him. Originally, we were all supposed to go up, but plane tickets are expensive. Way more than our budget is going to allow right now. Instead, Jordyn and I are going to go. Jordyn’s ticket is free, so gets to come with me. Otherwise she’d be spending the weekend with her daddy. lol.

I plan to take lots of pictures and will come back next week with a recap that I know you all will be anxiously awaiting to read. I may not be around the ol’ blog too much this weekend, and don’t know how much “formal” workouts I’ll get in, but there will definitely be some fun fall outdoor activities going on that will involve walking around a lot.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!