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Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! I have to start by sending a HUGE thank you to all our troops, past, present and future. Without them, we wouldn’t have a reason to celebrate and continue to celebrate! So THANK YOU!
Hope you’re having a fabulous day, enjoying good friends, family, and fun.
Before I get into our Independence Day festivities, let’s rewind to yesterday. Yesterday morning, I got up with every intention of going for run. I laced up my shoes and headed out the door. I took my 5 minute warm-up and began my run, but very early into my foot began hurting. I knew if I kept going and put that kind of pressure on it, I would only make it worse. Instead, I decided to continue the workout but make it a walk. Hey, it’s better than nothing right. I walked 3 miles before heading home for breakfast and to get ready for work.
And I squeezed in a plank for the #plankaday challenge.
Work was pretty uneventful. But once I got home, TJ and I decided to head to Hunter Army Airfield for some fireworks.
We arrived to Hunter just in time for the fireworks to start (after having to go back home because we forgot our car registration. I sure do miss the days of flashing my military ID and being on my way. lol). The fireworks were good but they were short. The grand finale was tiny too. When it was over, we started getting in the car, and the real grand finale began. Me and TJ called it a Parris Island grand finale. Two years ago, PI did the same type of thing and we watched their real grand finale while waiting in traffic to get off the island. LOL!
Now, let’s come back to this morning. Today, we were supposed to head to the beach. Unfortunately we had a few things come up, so we had to cancel that but we’re going to make the best of it. Once everything we need to get done gets taken care of, we’re going to relax at the house today, Dylan and I are going to make some Muesli chocolate chip cookies and we’re going to grill out for dinner. We will of course be thanking TJ for everything he did in the Marine Corp too. Can’t forget our troops. And later tonight we’re heading downtown to see more fireworks. We can’t get enough. LOL!
What are your plans for today? Anything fun, or is it more of a day of relaxing?


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July Goals

Yesterday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market was a success! We picked up some sweet potatoes, zucchini, corn, rainbow carrots, and peaches all for $15.

The heat was already slowly kicking in, so I made sure to get the items I wanted without leisurely looking. Well, it was the heat, and the fact that I realized after (and by after, I mean once we got to the park) we left the house, that I forgot Jordyn’s stroller. 
After I purchased our veggies and peaches, I let the kids run around to let out some energy and get in some physical activity before heading home and pretty much staying in the house today. With temps as high as they were and me hating the heat and humidity, I figured it was best to keep them inside, but I knew that they needed some type of physical activity so they got it in at 9:30am. Early? Yes. Better than nothing? You betcha!

After getting home yesterday, I started thinking about what I really wanted to accomplish in my fitness journey. I began writing a list of goals for July. This is what I came up with:

  • Walk 10,000 steps a day on the weekends
  • Walk 5,000 steps a day during the week ( Because I work a desk job, most of my days are spent sitting, so reaching 10,000 steps may be unrealistic. This is a goal that I may change and up  the number if I see that this can be done very easily. I definitely want a challenge. lol)
  • Finish the C25K program
  • Strength train 2-3 times a week (this is something I really need to work on. I don’t do this nearly as much as I should and I know how important it is)
  • Eat more fruits & veggies. I have already made my menus for the month so this should be easy as long as we don’t stray from the menus
  • Photograph each meal & snack at least 3-4 times a week. This is something I have been meaning to do, but remembering to do it it another story. Hope you don’t mind some iPhone and Instagram pics. haha
  • Participate in at least two What I Ate Wednesday parties hosted by the amazing Jenn of Peas and Crayons
  • Complete a plank and bridge each day
Those are my July goals. What are yours? Are they fitness related, personal, anything? I’d love to know what you hope to accomplish.
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GA Humidity = YUCK!

I do not like Georgia humidity. I never have, and I don’t think I ever will. Stepping outside your door at 7 in the morning into that sticky weather that instantly makes you feel like you need to go back in and take another shower is awful. So far this year, we’ve been lucky with humidity and heat, but I have a feeling Savannah’s luck has run out. The past few days the heat has been increasing, and the humidity is getting worse. We’re finally starting to hit the 90’s, which I know there are plenty of you that are struggling with high temperatures that you’re not used. I feel for you. I think the 90’s are here to stay. 🙁 The only time I’m not as bothered by temperatures in the 90s are beach days. I can lather on some sun screen and head into the ocean. But if it’s not a beach day, the 90s can leave, along with the humidity. That can leave and never come back.

OK, I am done bitching….for now. I make no promises that you won’t here anymore complaints about GA summers, its heat or its humidity this summer. 
Before I begin about why I am complaining about the humidity, let’s back up to last night. Girl’s night in. A friend of mine came over and hung out after TJ went to work. It’s so nice having a grown up conversation after the kids go to bed. A little glass of wine makes it even better. We gossiped, we laughed, we drank a little wine and stayed up WAY too late. lol
This morning, I woke up and decided to head out for a run before I even ate breakfast in hopes of little to no humidity. I was wrong. I went out for my run, but I wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know if it was staying up too late or the humidity or both, but I was struggling with this run this morning. I couldn’t find a groove. The run intervals today were upped to two 8 minute intervals with a 5 minute walking break in between the two. I really don’t think it was the 8 minute runs that got me, but I guess it could have been. I tried pacing myself a little better knowing it would be longer run intervals, but I was slower than I normally was all around and just couldn’t make myself move faster.
I’m a little nervous about the the next run. It’s one 20 minute session. I have faith in myself that I can most of it, but I am nervous and will be disappointed in myself if I can’t. Send me happy thoughts that I can do it. I’ll probably go for that run Monday. 
After my run, I was starving. I needed some breakfast. And this morning it was a Thomas Everything Bagel Thin and some Strawberry Cream Cheese by Laughing Cow.
Later, lunch was a ham and turkey sandwich with a Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedge on an Arnold Honey Wheat Sandwich Thin.
My day mostly consisted of laundry and cleaning (they never end. lol) and hanging out with the kiddos until dinner where we grilled some burgers and had a side of Annie’s Mac and Cheese. A totally unhealthy and accidentally unphotographed dinner but I figure every once in a while won’t hurt anything. 
After dinner, I was feeling a walk. TJ was not. He stayed home while I took both the kids with me. Our walk was only two small laps but it’s better than nothing and it’s nice just to get out and walk. And Dylan and Jordyn love it. 
Now, the kids are asleep and I’m about to make sure I have everything I need for family photo session tomorrow. 
Oh, and on another happy note, I am down another pound bringing my weightloss total to 13.4 pounds!!! YAY!!!!
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Perfect Way To End A Monday Night

Just like this morning, it was a gorgeous outside when I got home from work, just hotter, but not unbearable. I thought tonight would be a great night to take a family walk. I love taking family walks but often times we get so wrapped in the night routines that we don’t really make the time for them.

TJ suggested Dylan bring his bike. That plan didn’t work out so well. One thing Dylan is not very confident in is riding his bike, so much so that he still has training wheels (I know, I know, but we’re working on it, I promise). Apparently the training wheels haven’t been staying on very well. They have fallen on once and TJ put them back on. On our first lap, one of the wheels fell and broke, so there was no way we could fix it, so TJ took the other one off and there’s no turning back now, Dylan will be learning to ride his bike from here on out with no training wheels. LOL!

Me and TJ decided to have a little fun with the bike while we helped Dylan wheel it back.

Just in case you didn’t know, you may now be able to tell by this picture, or the one from yesterday with my hubby, and the fact that I can almost ride Dylan’s bike while sitting on the seat, that I’m not very tall. I come at a whopping 4’10.” I know, I’m a frickin’ giant. hahaha!

After that first lap, we dropped the bike off at the house and started our second lap. The second lap went much smoother. Unfortunately, no one else wanted anymore than two laps, so it was in to the house to get the kids ready for bed.

Little did I know, TJ was also exhausted.

As for me, I’m going to enjoy the quiet time, finish watch The Bachelorette (yup, one of guilty pleasures) and work on some photo editing. Too bad I don’t have any wine to make this night complete. I should really remedy that soon. 
Do you have any a guilty pleasure TV show you watch?

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This Weather Can Stay

I’m sure I’m jinxing myself, but the weather here in GA over the past few days has been beautiful. The humidity hasn’t been unbearable (and coming from me, that says a lot) and the temperatures have been in the 80’s. It’s been fabulous! This morning, I went for a run and it was 69 outside. Perfect! But before I get to that run, let’s rewind to Saturday.

Saturday, I spent the day outside working at a baseball tournament for a friend. It was the easiest money I ever made. I sat at the back gate, selling admission tickets and checking for a stamped hand if they already paid. But since I was at the back gate, I wasn’t busy, so I got a lot of 50 Shades of Grey reading done, along with some photography ideas and locations written down. This was my view all day. I love that my Nook was able to stay in my lap almost all day.

And off in the distance, planes would take off from the Savannah Airport nearby. There were also some jets taking off and watching the jets made me really miss that sounds and living in Beaufort. We were so close to the Air Station and the sound of the jets was an all day, every day thing. While it was loud, I miss that sound of freedom. *sigh*
Yesterday was a fairly low-key day. TJ wanted to get some sleep after work, so I set out to do some laundry, clean Jordyn’s room (for the millionth time this week). Around 10:30 a good friend of ours in Beaufort called us wanting to know where, “the park with the fountain” is. I explained there were two and that we were heading to one later in the afternoon, so said they would go to the same one. They were heading to the Oglethorpe Mall, or the “the good one” as she calls it, so we met them there after they were done shopping so they could follow us to Forsyth Park. All the kiddos had a great time and it’s always great catching up with friends. After the park, it was back home to relax for the rest of the night and work on editing some pictures


 This morning I decided to go for a run before work instead of after workout. I definitely think that was the right choice. It was gorgeous outside. Today I started Week 5 of the C25K program. There were 3 runs in 5 minute intervals with a 3 minute walk between each run. I really thought this would kill me, but I surprised myself. I paced myself a little better than I have before and did well. I wasn’t dying by the end of that run. My time was a little slower but I’m OK with it because it wasn’t too bad and I’m learning to pace myself in the earlier runs so that I’m not dying by the end. I have hit the point where I’m really starting to enjoy going for a run and am quite anxious to get to the point where I can run longer periods of time.

For now, it’s back to work, but I’m thinking about a walk on the neighborhood with the family sounds perfect tonight.
How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun for Father’s Day?


Busy Weekend

Whew! What a fun and busy weekend.

Yesterday, we packed up the car and the kids and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Jacksonville, FL. It’s actually closer to 2 hours but who’s counting? 😉 We were off to see a really good friend graduate from college with her second Bachelor’s degree. Talk about motivating and inspiring. We met up with her family before the graduation and sat with them. They have 2 1/2 yr old daughter and her Dylan played together like never left each other. Little would you realize it’s been about 7 months since we saw them last right before they moved to Jacksonville, NC. 

Yup, that’s my goofy husband. Gotta love him! Unfortunately, shortly after the graduation was over we head back home. TJ had to work and I still had to stop at Target to pick up a baby shower gift for the baby shower I had today! By the time we got home and the kids settled into bed, I felt like this:
All that driving and being non-stop can wear you out. I took yesterday as a rest day, although there was a fair amount of walking from the parking garage, the arena where the graduation was held, finding seats. Can I count that? LOL!
This morning, I woke up still a bit tired. One day, Jordyn will decided to sleep later than 6:40. haha. But, we were up for the day.
The day was started off with an egg and laughing cow cheese on a 100 calorie english muffin. I have really been into these lately. And so is Jordyn. She watches me make them and is right next time when it’s time to eat, hoping I’ll share. 
Once breakfast was done, it was off to spend some quality time with the kiddos before heading to Beaufort for a baby shower.
The baby shower was held at a local restaurant Beaufort called SandBar & Grill. It wasn’t too bad. I’m told they have amazing sweet potato fries but we didn’t have those. Just a few appetizers and some finger foods we brought. The theme at the restaurant is a beach theme which went perfect with the theme of the baby shower, the beach!

We started the shower with a really fun and hilarious game. You had to draw a picture of a baby on a paper plate (or you could use paper) while the paper is on your head. I’ve heard of the game before but never played it or been to a shower that has played it. It was very entertaining. 
We played several more games, open presents and before everyone left, they each wrote a tip or piece of advice on a small piece of paper and rolled it up and stuck it in a bottle, like a message in a bottle. 
As always, it was a fabulous time in Beaufort with my Beaufort ladies!

And one last thing I want to share: a family photo from the graduation. I love my family and take the opportunity to get a family picture whenever I can.

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June Yoga Challenge, Week 1 Recap and Some Pretty Great News

First, I have to start off with the great news. I don’t know if you remember, but Jordyn broke her arm a few weeks ago. We took her to the doctor, and they took the cast off, and took the pins out of her arm!!! They wrapped her arm in a soft wrap so the wound where the pins were could close and told us we could take it off in a few days. So when I get home from work, off the wrap comes. YAY!!!!!!

We officially won’t be done dealing with her arm until she’s done growing but there is no more cast. Because of the type of surgery she had to have, they have to keep an eye on her to see how it develops. There’s a 20% chance that when she straightens her arm it will also go out to the side. There’s no way to prevent it and thankfully there no problems if it happens, it’s just cosmetic. We take Jordyn in two weeks for a follow-up and then every 6 months for 2 years and every year after that until she stops growing. A little bit of a pain but it’s better to keep an eye on it.
And I can’t leave out my other kiddo. By the time I get home from work, I will have a SECOND GRADER! I can’t believe it. And to finish off the year, he received Perfect Attendance for the year (which we already knew) and High Honor Roll, meaning he received All A’s for the 9 weeks. That’s twice this year. And the other two 9 weeks, he received Regular Honor Roll, All A’s and B’s. We have one smart kiddo on our hands. I couldn’t be more proud!
And…….TJ has received his final grades for the quarter and earned a 4.0 for the quarter, giving him a 3.4 overall. WAY TO GO BABE!
Finally, remember when I promised edited pictures from a friend’s Maternity shoot I took? Well, with broken arms, baby showers, another photo shoot and everything else, I finally have them finished. It took me a week longer than I wanted too, which disappoints me (my friend on the other hand didn’t seem phased) but she received the pictures yesterday and loves them, which is what really matters. What do you think?

I don’t claim to be a pro, but I love taking pictures for people. Maybe one day after practice and some online classes (which I’m looking into), I could become a pro. That would be my dream!
Now that I’m done with the all the happy news, onto Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge. The Recap for Week 1:

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Challenge: To complete 3 yoga sessions per week


  • Shape Up Workout from my Comcast On Demand that I talked about here
  • Another Comcast On Demand workout was a yoga session with Bethany Frankel
  • And my last session: yesterday morning from, you guessed On Demand. Unfortunately, and adorable little girl woke up in the middle of the session, so I had to take a break long enough to get out of her crib and then it was back to yoga. Jordyn thought it was so fun to crawl under me and sit there during some of my poses, so getting out of the poses either meant they weren’t graceful or I just had to stay until she decided to move. LOL! Gotta love kids.
After this week, I have learned that I have a lot of work to do but it’s so calming and relaxing they make for a great morning or late (ok, not too late, this lady goes to bed around 10) night workout. I’ve been wondering if I could TJ on board with doing it with me. Hmmmm…….
Tonight I’m going to try to get a yoga session in since I know this weekend won’t happen. Tomorrow, we’re making the 2 1/2 hour drive to Jacksonville, FL to see a really good friend of ours graduate with her SECOND bachelor’s degree. If she’s not motivating, I don’t know who is. And Sunday, I have a baby shower in Beaufort for that beautiful lady in the pictures above. 
What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun or exciting?

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A Relaxing Sunday

The weekend is almost over and I’m not ready for it to end. It was such a great weekend. Yesterday was a girl’s day with one of my best friends, Beth. It started with a bridesmaids dress fitting for her wedding in December. And then it was off to her apartment to help her pack up her car with a load of items to take to her fiancé’s house. Her lease is up at the end of the month and rather than renew for 6 months, she’s moving on with him early. It was then off for lunch at Chili’s and finally to Sam’s Club for LOTS of fruit!

There were also bananas but I forgot to include them in the pictures, but half the bananas and grapes are gone already. It’s crazy how much fruit we eat on this house so Sam’s Club is perfect for us when it comes to buying fruit. LOL!
Once I got home, it was off to laundry and a little bit of cleaning. Jordyn sure knows how to mess up a house. HAHA!  I ended my Saturday night on a very low-key way. I spent a quiet night with a book. If only I had had some wine to make it even better.
This morning I woke up, as I do every morning, to the sound of Jordyn. TJ was already home and in his man cave (it’s the fancy way to say the garage. lol) working on some music and when he heard me get up, he told me to go back to sleep, he’d get her. No objections from me. I went back to bed to sleep in, something that has only happened once or twice since Jordyn has been born. I only got an extra hour of sleep, but getting up 8 was nice.
Once I was up, it out for a run. Due to the rain and other events last week, I wasn’t able to get any of the C25K runs in. I kicked off this morning with Week 4, Day 1. While my overall time isn’t a run, my time is the best I’ve had and when using Runkeeper, I am able to see what my pace is during the running portions and I’m not disappointed. It’s not the best time but it’s a great starting point for me.
I came home from the run and wanted to get some strength training. I waited until Jordyn went down for her nap and was off to the gym. I got in a quick stationary bike workout to get my heart rate up and then started with some free weights to work on upper body
It was then home for breakfast. A chocolate, banana and peanut butter protein smoothie. It was AMAZING and be on the lookout for the recipe later this week.
Time for laundry and later lunch, which was a delicious Spinach salad with dried cranberries, crispy noodles, sliced almonds, half of a hard boiled egg and sweet onion dijon dressing.
And finally for dinner, it was off to the grill for some fabulous shrimp and veggies.
Now, I am relaxing and editing some pictures and heading to bed. Have a good night everyone!
How was your weekend? What did you do over the weekend?
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Date Night

It’s Friday! WOO HOO! I am so ready for the weekend. I’ve got C25K plans, a bridesmaid dress fitting (fingers crossed I’ve dropped a size since I tried it when it was picked out 2 months ago), and cleaning plans (as if cleaning plans were a surprise to you).

And it’s the start of a new month with dinners planned ahead of time, which means healthier dinners in the Jackson house! I am so excited to try some of the new recipes I have found (and pinned). I’ll do my best to share them with you and let you know how they turn out.
To end May (and TJ’s first full year at SCAD), we were able to have a date night thanks to our amazing friend, Beth. Thanks Beth for watching the kiddos. I know they had a blast and love you! Last night SCAD had their 2012 Animation Graduation Show. It’s a collection of 33 short films made and submitted by seniors. Originally TJ thought the project he had worked on for a student would be entered but when we got there we realized, it hadn’t. No biggie, we had a fabulous time anyways and these students are so talented and amazing. I enjoyed almost all of them and I wish I had a few links to some of the films to show you. If I find any, I’ll be sure to share them later.
Once the show was over it was a quick stop to the grocery store for some almond milk and fruit and home. It was short but fabulous date night!

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Bracing for Beryl

How is everyone’s Memorial Day weekend going? We’re hanging in here and bracing for Tropical Storm Beryl. Personally, I’m not worried. I think we’ll end up with lots of rain and wind but nothing that will cause too much damage, although a few trees have fallen in the city. We’ve been under a Tropical Storm Warning since yesterday morning and it’s supposed to last through Tuesday. This morning they added a Flood Watch too. We’re slightly inland so I’m not worried about flooding at all.

As we speak, the front of the storm is beginning to hit Jacksonville, FL and expected to make landfall in a few hours.

After good ol’ Beryl makes landfall, she will turn and head our way. We will some rain as it heads onshore, but I think there will be more once it turns and heads our way.
Due to the storm coming, I forced TJ to help do a little bit of yard work Friday night and then we went back to more yard work yesterday. I knew with the storm coming that we may not be able to do any work today or tomorrow, so I headed to the gym as soon as TJ come home from work so we could get some yard work done during Jordyn’s morning nap.  While working, TJ was exhausted and talking about how the city was only going to 15 bags a week without charging us. More than 15 and we’re charged a bulk pick up fee. I decided we would only fill 15 bags and be done so we didn’t have a ton of bags sitting around for a week until they came back. We also knew we would have to move as many of these bags into the garage/man cave as we could to avoid them getting blown over and our work being for nothing. 
To TJ’s relief, it didn’t tale long to fill up 15 bags. The sad part though? 15 bags was only half of our front yard. We still the other half of the front yard and the entire back which is 3 or 4 times worse. 
While I didn’t get nearly as much yard work done as I wanted, I had plenty more to do around the house. Laundry, cleaning, workouts, picture edits, it all seems never ending.
Thursday was C25K day. My run was slower and I was pretty disappointed in myself but the only thing I can do is improve on the next run. I took a different route, which is mostly sunny so it was hot. I need to stick that route to a morning run.
Saturday, I decided to head to the gym instead of going for run. My main reason? I wanted a weigh-in. I don’t own a scale (most of the time I like it that way so I’m not tempted to step on the scale constantly), so I haven’t stepped on a scale about a week. I opted for an elliptical workout which I loved. I always love an elliptical workout. I wish I owned one. LOL!
After my workout, I stepped on the scale and the results…..down .8 pounds! A little disappointed it’s not more, but I’ll take it. It puts me at a quarter of the way through my weightless goal! Happy face at reaching my first goal!!!!!

I knew going to bed last night that is I wanted to get a run in today, I was going to have to go as soon as TJ came home from work since at that time we didn’t know exactly when the rain would start. It still hasn’t started, but I’m actually really glad I went so early. It was cooler and not as humid. And I HATE humidity. Yes, I know I live in the south and have lived in the south for almost 20 years but truthfully this isn’t my choice. If I had my way, I’d live in Colorado. It’s gorgeous there and there isn’t the humidity like there is here. And they have snow. I love snow! Anywho, I went back to my normal route this morning. My end time was faster than Thursday but only by 2 seconds. However, while running, I was trying to figure out why my time is slower this week than the other weeks, and it’s because the actual amount of time I’m running is less. so I’m not as disappointed but I’m still a little disappointed. 
Something that did make me happy, was my Map My Run app and my Runkeeper app. I used both in conjunction with my c25K app. As always, I started the Map My Run app, at the beginning of my first run and stopped it as soon as my last run was done. I averaged 12:17 between the 4 runs and 3 walks. While that is only a jog, I’m happy with it because of my Runkeeper app. The Runkeeper app will give you an audio cue every 5 minutes letting you know you’re average pace, current pace and distance. during these cues, I was running and hd current paces between 10:34 and 10:56. That makes me happy! I definitely want to be faster but that will take time. Knowing that the running parts were under 11 minutes gives me the motivation to keep going and that I may not have a horrible first 5K run. HAHA!!!
I’m a little nervous to move on to Week 4, the runs will be 3 and 5 minutes and the 3 minutes were rough on me. I know I have to push myself but I hope I can do this!
It’s late and it’s time for bed. I want to hit the gym (or run if there’s no rain) in the morning when TJ gets home. For now, I leave with the some Tropical Storm Beryl cloud pictures I took before the sun went down.