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May Goals

April has come and gone and it took my goals with it. I didn’t even come close to achieving my goals for a multitude of reasons. Some of the reasons were legit, while others were just plain excuses. So, my Apri goals are back again in May and here with a vengeance. I am determined to crush my goals and make becoming healthier this month a priority in my life. I can not put it off any longer. I’ve seen the benefots of living a healthy lifestyle and I want it back. So, let’s get on with our goals, shall we?

Stay on track with C25K
I failed miserably at this. I got a few runs outside (finally) but didn’t really utilize my treadmill much in April. That will be changing this month. My kids have soccer practice every Saturday at the park where I usually run. When practice is over, TJ takes the kids to the playground so that I can get in a run. I know of at least one Saturday where he won’t be there to watch the kids, so I’ll be coming to get a treadmill workout in but I love that I have him there for that. When I have him home Sunday’s those are almost always guaranteed run days as well, which I love. All during the week runs will be on the treadmill and I will finish or come close to finishing the C25K program this month. 
Cross-Train and/or Strength Train 2x/week
I am still horrible at strength training but I know the benefits of it both of my health and fitness and to make me a better and stronger runner. If I can get in some sort of strength training on my off days from running, I’ll be doing great. I still haven’t figured out what I’ll be doing but I have Beachboy On Demand, which has kick butt workouts, along with all of my DVDs from them, and of course Pinterest and You Tube are full of workout ideas as well. 

Stick to our meal plan 5 out of 7 days each week
I actually didn’t do too terrible on this goal, but it definitely could have been better. I want to nail this goal and meal prepping should be a huge help in that. 
Get in my step goal 4-5x/week
While I smashed this goal on our day trip to NYC, in general, this was another miss. Not only did I not hit my goal any of the weeks, I rarely hit my step goal period. This can’t happen this month. I will hit this goal.
Get back on my bike
This goal is more or less a bonus. With the warmer air here, I would love to get back my boke out and start riding again, but relaisticly this can only happen when TJ is home. Jordyn’s bike is currently trapped inside the trunk of TJ’s car, which for some reason won’t open. Once we can get her boke out, I can take the kids to the park and we can all go together, but unfortunately we can’t until that happens. If I can get a few bike rides in this month, I will consider that a success. 
So those are my goals for the month of May. What are your goals? What are you shooting for and hoping to accomplish? I want to hear them. 

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April Goals

How is it April already? 2016 is flying by and I haven’t done well on my goals so far this year, but that’s all changing in April. So, let’s save all the chit chat and get on those goals.

Stay on track with C25K
This is really more to keep me accountable than really challenging myself. Last week, I restarted the C25K program, which I’ll go into more in detail in a post coming next week. As far as my goal goes, I just don’t want to get behind. I want to stay on track, unless I find myself feeling really good and want to complete more than the minimum runs each week, in which case, I could get ahead. 

Cross-Train and/or Strength Train 2x/week
I am horrible at getting strength training in but I know how incredibly important it is to incorporate into my workout routine, so I’m shooting to get in 2-3 strength training or other cross training workouts each week. I am including workouts such as bike riding and walking as well, because I know they are important as well and I tend to slack on those too. I need to be better so I’m giving myself baby steps. 

Stick to our meal plan 5 out of 7 days each week
When TJ isn’t home for dinner, I honestly get a bit relaxed on dinner and that needs to stop. It’s causing some of our food to waste, and our wallets and my waist don’t need that anymore. To help stick to my meal plans, I’m going to prep what I can. Once the prepping is done, it’s a lot easier to throw everything togetehr and cook dinner. 

Get in my step goal 4-5x/week
Even on workout days, I find this isn’t very easy. It really boils to down to the fact that I find myself not moving around as much. I have so much to do everyday that doesn’t involve moving that before I know it the day is almost over and I don’t know how I’ll get them in. To accomplish this goal, I’m setting a reminder in my phone to go off every hour, where I’ll get up and walk for 10-15 minutes. It will give me the break I know I should be taking and help to get my steps in. Talk about a win-win.

Register for a 5K
I’m part of a group on Facebook where April’s challenge is to run 60 miles plus register for a race of any kind. While I’m pretty positive I won’t run 60 miles (walking is not included in the challenge), this even will keep me motivated to move more and try to run more than I normally might. It will also force me to finally register for a 5K. I’ve been talking about it and thinking about it but haven’t done it yet. April will be the month I register for it, as soon as I pick one. 

As you can see, most of my April goal are fitness related. I, honestly, think it’s where I need to put my focus right now. Before I was trying to focus on everything at the same time and it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t accomplishing any goals and getting frustrated. I think focusing on just one major aspect right now until my routine is set again will help accomplish what I really want. 

What are you hoping to accomplish this month?

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Finding The Time

One of the most common excuses a person gives for not working out is not having enough time. Be honest with yourself for a second, have you ever used that excuse? I know I have. More times than I can count. In fact, I’ve used it non-stop for the last several months. 

I’m not proud of this, but it is the unfortunate truth. Over the last several months, things in the Jackson house have been so busy and they’re only going to get busier. I know this. And I allowed that busyness to become my excuse for not working out. I allowed that busyness to become my excuse for quick, easy, no-so-healthy meals for my family and I.

But I want it to end….now! I have been doing a lot of researching on ways to have a healthier life for myself and my family. A common theme among article after article is making it a priority. And that’s my plan. We will become a healthier, more active family. I will have a healthier, more active blog (that’s a topic for a whole other post, which will be coming in the very near future) to share with you and to give my kids a look back on. 

But that starts small. And I’m starting small with me. This week is Spring Break. My kids are visiting their grandparents so it’s just TJ and I in the house. I am taking the opportunity to make working out and eating healthy a top priority again. 

I have already planned healthy meals for him and I, and yesterday was spent meal prepping so nutrition-wise, we are ready for the week. And I’m getting back into my workout routine with a brand, new round of 21 Day Fix (and yes the meal planning is following the 21 Day Fix meal plan). Since it has been a while since I’ve worked out and I am still limited on time, I thought 21 Day Fix would be the perfect fit to jump back in. 

And boy did it kick my butt this morning. Not to self: Working out after a long hiatus proves just how much fitness you lose and reaffirms that you don’t want to consume your life with excuses anymore. I definitely had a hard time this morning but made it through and know as long as I make exercise a priority, I can get blow oast the fitness level I was at before. 

Have you take fitness breaks before? What is your most commonly used excuse for skipping workouts?

How about a question for a future post: What does being healthy mean to you? Is it just fitness and nutrition or is it more?
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Week 1 Half Marathon Training Recap….and MORE!!!

We’re back to another Monday, but instead of relaxing by the pool taking a trip to the beach, I am back to work today. I can’t believe the summer is over already. It’s crazy how fast it went. But I’m excited to be back and I’m working on my room and getting things ready for Open House. 
I also can’t believe I’m on Week 2 of half training. I’m only going to talk about my training briefly since I did share my runs in yesterday’s post, but it went really well. I had some really good runs and am pumped for this week’s training. My pace was slow but it needed to be. I will get that up.
I also wanted to share something exciting with you. I have just become a #SweatPink Ambassador. 

The Sweat Pink program by Fit Approach is a movement founded by Jamie and Alyse. It’s a community of women who are passionate about health and fitness, who are here to inspire and empower women to reach for their goals through healthy habits. It’s a community of women who are bold and want to lift others up and help people. It’s where tough and pretty meet. 

I am so excited to be part of an amazing group of women that wants to help women become the healthiest person they can be. It’s exactly what I strive to do and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

Have you seen the sweatpink hashtag floating around Instagram? What do you think is something empowering women can do to help each other?

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Schweaty Sunday #8

We’re back at another Sunday, and not just any Sunday. Today is my last day off before I go back to work tomorrow. While I’m excited to get back to work, I’m also wishing I had a few extra weeks off. I sure am enjoying the time home. I’ve been spending quality time with TJ and the kids and getting in some great workouts. Speaking of, here’s this week’s workouts.


PiYo:Core. It was definitely a little tougher than I thought but a pretty good way to spend a Sunday.


I officially began half marathon training with a 3 mile run. I finished the day’s workout with some PiYo: Upper Define.


It was new workout day!! PiYo: Buns…wow, what can I say! That workout kick some serious booty, but there was something about it I really liked and am looking forward to doing again.


It another 3 miler today that wasn’t bad at all. I maintained my pace, which isn’t back to where I was before taking my little running hiatus but it was still a good run, and fir the first time, I had negative splits. Wahoo!!! I came home to do another round of PiYo: Core for the week to round out my day.


It took it easy today. Knowing the weekend was going to be full of tougher and longer workouts, after some PiYo: Lower Define, I called my workout for the day done.


Today was a rest day from PiYo, but I had another 3 miles on the schedule for my half training. I actually didn’t want to go. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling it, but I went anyway, and I’m glad I did. It went really well and I felt fantastic. It left me with a good feeling for Saturday’s long run.


Phew! My first long run of half training; a good 5 miler. My target pace was 11:19-11:40. I didn’t hit but I pushed myself and I was faster than any of the other runs I had this week, so I was quite happy with it. Once I got home, I still had PiYo to do. Sweat was up today, and boy did I sweat. LOL!! My legs were on fire after the workout. Between a 5 mile run and Sweat, I had some shaky legs when I was done. LOL!

How was your week of workouts? Did you try anything new? How about start training for a fall race?

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Schweaty Sunday #7

And we’ve come to another Sunday, which can only mean one thing, another edition of Schweaty Sunday, where I review my workouts for the week. Go on, take a peak.


Today was my last day of 21 Day Fix. It was nice doing Yoga Fix for the last time and seeing the improvements I have made since doing Round 1 in March.


Today stared PiYo! YAY!! I’ve only talked about it for what feels like forever and now our PiYo challenge group has begun. Today’s workout, Align, didn’t really feel like one but that’s because it’s a 45 minute video where Chalene Johnson covers the basic moves and encourages you to try them so you can get a feel for the program before. I learned a lot. It also made me realize I have a lot more to learn and there is definite work to do but I’m ok with that.


I fell instantly in love with today’s workout. It was Lower Define and if you’ve read my blog long enough, you know lower body workouts are my favorite anyway, but the stretching felt amazing. This is going to be an amazing way to end run days.


Lower body workouts may be my favorite and upper body workouts are definitely not on my fun list, except for Upper Define. While this workout was harder for me, I could see the potential I had and can see how beneficial this will be. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but bring on Upper Define. 


Today’s workout started with PiYo:Sweat. It’s more of a tradional PiYo class so is more fast paced and again I was a fan. I won’t lie and say I fell out of sync with them from time to time, but I burned some calories and had fun! Today was also the day TJ and I took a trip to Hunting Island, to the place where we got married, to celebrate our anniversary. While out at the beach, I took some time to get an ocean swim in while TJ hung out with Jordyn.


Today was a rest day and it was much needed. After a busy day Thursday, and not really having a real rest day in a while, I soaked that sucker up. 


Today it was back to Lower Define, what is my favorite as of right now. I can already feel myself improving and that puts this girl in a fantastic mood to start her weekend.

How was your week? Did you get some good workouts in? Did you do any celebrating or do anything exciting?

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Why I Became A Coach (And My First Video!)

I know what you’re thinking. A Sunday post aside from Schweaty Sunday? Is that girl crazy? Nope. OK, well maybe a little but only the good kind of crazy. 
In any case, it’s Sunday and I have something to share with you. As you know I am a Beachbody Coach. One of the coaches on our team challenged everyone to create a video explaining why we all became a coach. I’m always up for a challenge, but making a video? This is out of my comfort zone, however, I knew I should do it. I have had a few people ask me that very question and if you’re going to be a coach and help others, it’s good for them to know you’re why.
I hope you enjoy! 

Now you know why I became a Beachbody coach and how my goal is to help you. Whether it’s through a new Beachbody program or not, that’s OK. I just want to help you achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals. 
Your turn! Have you ever made a You Tube video? Were you nervous the first time?

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Schweaty Sunday #6

Happy Sunday! How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Mine is going well, but I am SO excited for this week. Not only is today my last day of 21 Day Fix, I start PiYo tomorrow and I start the 3 Day Refresh tomorrow (be on the lookout for a post about it in the morning) but TJ and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary! 

But onto this week’s workouts, shall we? 


Oh Yoga Fix, how I needed you! It was a much needed active recovery day after a busy weekend with family in town.


And we’ve reached the final week of 21 Day Fix, which can only mean one thing: PiYo starts next week! I love 21 Day Fix but am SO excited about starting a new program that will help me with my half marathon training that begins in just 2 weeks!


One of the things I love about repeating workouts in workout programs like 21 Day Fix is that I can measure my improvement. Sometimes it’s the number of calories I burn, but today it was a particular move. I’m still horrible at push-ups and need to work on them, but today I noticed I did more “real” than I ever have before having to move to my knees. Progress!!!


Today’s workout was probably my favorite workout to date. Not because it was Lower Fix (and leg day is my favorite) but because Jordyn joined in for more than normal. I even snuck a little time away from the warm-up to catch a few pictures.


Today’s Pilates Fix workout was another workout where I could really see the progress I have made. My form is better than it has been and I felt great! And after pilates, we headed to the pool for a little family swim. It wasn’t anything crazy and there was a lot of just chilling out in the pool playing with Jordyn but I made sure to take some occassional breaks to swim while TJ played with her.


I had every intention on doing Shaun T’s Live 4th of July workout but right before it came on, my internet went out. It did come back but was spotty for a while so I gave up. However, I was glad I had already gotten some Cardio Fix beforehand so a workout was complete. The rest of my day focused on some one-on-one time with Jordyn since Dylan is still visiting his grandparents and TJ was working.


My last Dirty 30 workout. This is my favorite workout in the 21 Day Fix program. It doesn’t burn as many calories for me as others, like yesterday’s Cardio Fix but there’s something about the I love. TJ pretty much gave up on the program yesterday. He was SO close to finishing but his knees were really bothering him from a run he went on a few days ago, so he skipped out on it. This morning, I didn’t even ask him but I knew he was ready to be done with it, so I just did it on my own. That meant I got in a much earlier workout than I normally do, which I like. I love finishing my day’s workout by 8 or 9 am. It gets me pumped for the day.

How were your workouts for the week? Does how you eat affect your workouts? Do you workout with a partner and how do you like it? Talk about it in the comments below.

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Nine Line 5K Recap

I don’t even know where to begin with this recap. This race was one of the most emotional races I have ever run. And not in a bad way. It was the cause, the Nine Line Foundation.

The Nine Line Foundation is a foundation that helps wounded soldiers. What’s so great about them is that they only help one soldier at a time. Rather than focus on all wounded soldiers at once, they focus on one individual. They raise money to help that soldier financially to get the tools they need to rebuild their lives. There is no time limit. They set a goal amount and that soldier remains the focus until all the money has been raised.

The current candidate is SFC Mark Holbert. While responding to an explosion on the outer security perimeter, an IED exploded which resulted in nerve damage, the loss of fingers and his legs. He has made significant progress and is true hero (read his full story here). He has completed in multiple races since his injuries and now as a way to rebuild and improve his quality of life, he needs to have a specially modified smart home. Unfortunately, these are expensive and overwhelming. The Nine Line Foundation is here to help him reach his goal and improve his life. They have a goal of $300,000 to put towards this new home for him. While that is a lot, it’s an extremely worthy cause and I couldn’t have been happier to donate, so when I heard about the 5K being held by ERS Savannah and Nine Line Apparel, an apparel company that believes in wearing the cause and helps to raise money for the foundation, there was no question about signing up.

This was the first year for the race so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was also a night race, something I had never done before. Something that was familiar, this race was held at the same location as the Kilt and Kolor Run I ran in March. I knew that area but the course was going to be slightly different.


When I arrived, I noticed that this race was a lot smaller than some of the others, but knowing it was a night race and there was also a virtual run option I figured some runners choose that option. I was immediately overcome with emotion when I showed up. I guess reality set in that I was supporting an incredible cause so near and dear to my heart.

Before the start of the race, the race director made a few annoucements about the course, the cause we were supporting and then allowed SFC Holbert say a few words. It was then time to line up. As we all waited for the gun to go off, SFC Holbert began making his way to to front of the start line so that too could compete in the race. Here was an American hero competing in the 10K portion of the race in a wheelchair and I was just competing in the 5K. It kind of puts things in perspective.

The gun goes off and everyone starts running. I’m feeling pretty good and about ¼ quarter mile in, I realize I never turned my Garmin on. Oops! I look down to turn it on and I’m running a 9:25 pace. Holy cow! That’s not me. I was feeling good but knew there was no way I could maintain that pace so I slowed down.

Once everyone started thinning out, I really started to focus on how I was doing. I was feeling pretty good, but each time I looked at my watch, I was still running faster than I should have been. It was this that made me realize I would need a few walk breaks at some point.

And I was right. A little more than halfway through the race, I took my first walk break. It wasn’t long, maybe about 20-30 seconds, but it was long enough to catch my breath and start back again. This was also about the time, where I was able to start seeing the Talmedge Bridge, Savannah’s iconic bridge that takes you across the river and into South Carolina. The race was at dusk and watching the sun set over the bridge was gorgeous. It was a view I could have looked at for hours, but the race must go on, so as I just stared at the sunset as I ran until it was time to turn and I could no longer see the bridge.

Just look at that sunset. Gorgeous, even with an iPhone picture. lol.


Once I made that turn, I knew I was about ½-¾ of a mile from the finish. It was bout this time when I ended up near a 12 year old boy and another woman who looked to be about my age. I was determined not to let the woman pass me. I took one last walk to catch my breath and then started running. I wasn’t going to stop and, in fact, wanted to push harder at the final stretch.

And push harder was what I did. As soon as I hit the dirt path that was the final stretch, I sped up. Nit too much for fear of not being able to finish strong, but I definitely pushed myself, giving myself a strong finish and a sense of pride. I, also began to have a few tears in my eyes (again this cause really did it to me) and I was glad to have been wearing sunglasses.

TJ is totally jealous if the bottle opener we receved as finishers.



When reaching the finish, I noticed there weren’t a lot of people who had come in, so I gave it about 5 minutes and they announced an updated results list. I found my name and it showed I placed 3rd in my age group! Check me out! I have never placed in my age group. Granted, this was a small race and there were only 10 in my age group, but still, I will take it. And not only did I finish 3rd, I also PR’d that race! Talk about a great race.

Can you find me? I’m #25 on the list. This was an unfinished list.


After the fantastic feeling of finishing so well, I waited around for SFT Holbert to arrive. Everyone who was already finished cheered him on and it was incredible to see the support he was given. I gave him time to come in, settle down and relax and then went over and thanked him for his service and told him what an honor it was to meet him. We talked about TJ being the military and about the foundation, along with the owners of Nine Line Apparel. He’s an incredible guy and I can’t express how happy I am to have been able to help him and this foundation.

All in all the race was amazing and definitely one of the best I had ever run. This race (both the live race and the virtual) raised $20,000 towards SFC Holbert’s smart home. I think that’s incredible considering it was the first year and it was relatively small.

Would you like to donate to the Nine Line Foundation and help raise money for SFC Holbert’s new home? Click here to donate.

And don’t forget to check out Nine Line Apparel’s website. They have some pretty cool tactical gear and shirts to support the cause and a portion of every product sold goes to the foundation as well, and the owners are veterans and extremely nice. If you’re ever in Savannah, you should stop in and see them.

Your turn! Have you ever participated in an event that you had you slightly emotional? What’s your favorite cause?

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Schweaty Sunday #5

Happy Sunday! How is everyone today? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Summer kicked off with a bang yesterday. It was hot, hot, hot outside. We’re talking high 90’s with heat indices above 104. It was great day to practice some of those tips I shared Friday. But on to the real reason you’re here.


Today was a rest day. I worked a baseball tournament, which can always wear you out and then one of my best friends stopped to visit on his way to Jacksonville. 


This morning kicked off another round of 21 Day Fix. What’s going to make this round so much better? I have TJ right there next to me doing it as well. I’ve been wanting us to workout together for a while, but it seems like the time is never right. What I realized was we just weren’t making the time to do it together. So, I asked him if he’d do it with me this time. Since his work schedule varies, I decided I would adjust my workout times to match when it was convenient for him. It’s a little odd not working out first thing in the morning but I loved working out with him so I’m happy to move it around. And you know what else? Even the kids joined in for parts of the workout in their own kid version, so it ended up being a family affair. I loved it!


Today was Day 2 of 21 Day Fix, which was Upper Fix. Upper body workouts are not my favorite but that’s probably because I need it the most. Working out with TJ is great. He makes me work harder. Even without his crazy antics and encouragement, I work harder with just him being there. And once again, the kids joined in for part of it to try and workout. I really should get pictures but when you’re all working out there’s no one left to hold the camera.

But seriously, it was a great workout that I’m sure will leave my arms really sore in the morning.


Day 3 of 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix. TJ totally cheated. Lower body workouts are not his favorite so he tends to neglect them a bit more often, so after the last two days of workouts, he was really sore. He took several breaks and just wasn’t as enthusiastic about woday’s workout.

AS for me, I don’t know if I just wasn’t as sore as him or just toughed it out knowing what’s next having down the program before. I am, however, pretty sore and taking Jordyn’s old clothes and baby items to the consignment shop was not easy. 


Oh Pilates Fix. You gave me lots of laughter. After TJ “cheated” yesterday, I was expecting TJ to go full force. He complained a bit in the beginning, but once the abs portion started, he kicked it into high gear talking about how he could do this all day. I, on the hand, apparently need some serious core work, because I was struggling just a bit. Not a ton but enough for TJ to give me a hard time telling me I was doing it wrong and not to do any modifications. Then….we hit the booty part and our roles reversed. He kept trying to quit saying it hurt and things like, “Recovery day, my ass. This hurts!” In between bouts of laughter, it was my turn to give him a hard time telling him he was doing it wrong. When it was over, I asked how he liked it. His response? “It’s clear I have never worked out those muscles in my life.” HAHA! Gotta love him.


Today was Cardio Fix. This workout happened later than our normal workouts. We did it this evening instead of in the morning. We had a few errands and grabbed lunch while we were out. It was not healthy but it was so good. TJ seemed to feel pretty good during the workout. I, however, did not. I struggled through the whole thing. I was just not feeling it and while I love the calorie burn, I was glad for it to be over. It just goes to show that what you eat does affect your workouts. A nice reminder that healthy eating wins every time. 


Dirty 30 was up this morning. I was also on my own. TJ works until 4am Friday and Saturday nights (or should I say Saturday and Sunday mornings?). Not typically a big deal but since he was working his other job at 10 am this morning, the best thing for him was sleep. Back to my workout, I definitely didn’t struggle as much today thanks to a healthy breakfast. Dirty 30 is my favorite but it wasn’t as fun this morning without my partner in crime. I’ve lived the good life all week working out with him and I don’t want to give that up. There’s always tomorrow.

How were your workouts for the week? Does how you eat affect your workouts? Do you workout with a partner and how do you like it? Talk about it in the comments below.