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Changes Are Coming

Have you ever noticed when one aspect of your life changes, it has an affect on others? Or at least makes you look at other aspects of your life differently. The last 6 months or so have done that for me. We’ve know for a while that our lives were about to change in a big in 2015. And those changes have slowly started happening.
One change that was never mentioned was our temporary move to an apartment here in Savannah. The owner of the house we were renting really wants to sell his house. He has been gracious enough to extend our lease to allow TJ to finish school. That was also when we originally thought we would be moving. When we realized TJ couldn’t start school until August, due to GI Bill caps, we knew we’d be living here longer than planned, so in effort to save a little money and allow the owner to finally put his house on the market, we found a small apartment with a short term lease.
But that’s just one change that has started happening for us. Another change for us is a more ongoing, can-be-done-anywhere type of change. And that’s our continous move to become a healthier family. Admittedly, it’s more me than anyone else, but I figure what I can do to help my family is a step in the right direction.

I’ve shared my definition of healthy before and that still holds true. I think it encompasses more than just fitness and nutrition. It’s about health and wellness as well. And the more I research, the more I realize I want to take this blog in that direction. I want to share the ways in which we are becoming a healthier family through healthy eating, fitness, using natural products, taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and more.
I’m not claiming to be an expert but I’m learning and researching and I want to share with you what I find out. So over the next few weeks (or possibly months) this blog is going to go through some changes. It will be less focused on fitness and more on overall health, which of course does include some of the some same topics as before, but I want to expand to more topics about how all of us can achieve the best version of us possible. 

Does that mean perfection? Absolutely not! There will be treats and “cheats” if you will along the way. Indulgences are ok in moderation and I will definitely be doing just that You should too, but it’s more about being a better person overall. 

What else does that mean for the blog? Well, I’m working on a new name (which is a lot harder than I thought it would be) and a new design and that may take a while. I have a vision in my head and I want to work hard to achieve that vision. I want have the information you want on the blog in an easy-to-find way that keeps you coming back. I want to find a way to allow you to connect with each other to help and answer questions. It’s going to take a while and will be a work in a progress, but I am excited about the changes that will be taking place. 

 Being healthy is about the mind, body and soul and that’s what the future of this blog will be about.

What are you interested in seeing on the blog? What types of health and wellness topics interest you most?
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4 Years!!!!

Today is my and TJ’s 4 year anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years already. He is without a doubt the perfect person for me. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he works hard to provide for us, he is so supportive in everything I do and he is an unbelievable father. I could go on and on about how amazing he is, but you might tell me to get a room. LOL! 

While this isn’t a milestone in marriage, it is significant for us. This will be our last anniversary so close to where we got married, on Hunting Island in South Carolina. TJ works at both of his jobs today so we celebrated yesterday on the island where our marriage officially began. It’s one of favorite beaches and being back brings back so many fantastic memories. I will truly miss that beach when we move but one final trip was totally worth it.
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Weekend In Review #2



Friday started out as complete rest day. It was a chance to catch up on some much needed cleaning. TJ had a student film to work on so it was the perfect opportunity for housework. While TJ was gone, I got a message from my friend Amanda of Amanda Nicole Miller – Photographer, asking if I was interested in second shooting at a wedding Saturday. I was ecstatic. This was going to a huge opportunity for me to learn hands-on. Of course I said yes!


What a crazy busy day! I knew I needed to get a run before the wedding, so I went for 2 miles. That run turned into the BEST. RUN. EVER! I felt fantastic the entire run. And when I hit the last 1/4 mile, I pushed as hard as I could somehow pushing out an 8:11 pace! Crazy!!!! On top of that crazy 1/4 mile pace, I had my fastest mile ever, and my best time and overall pace for 2 miles! Talk about hitting the jackpot.

After my run, it was time to get ready to head to Hilton Head for the wedding, but first I had to make a pit stop at Kohls. I needed some khaki shorts. I didn’t have any and finding some was tough but I did find some and victory #2 of the day went to the khakis. No only were they a killer deal thanks to clearance but they were two sizes smaller than my old ones! Yay for me!

It was then off to Hilton Head by way of the Talmedge Bridge overlooking Savannah. Isn’t that view the best?

I met with Amanda and the Bridal Party at Fifth Avenue Salon where Amanda explained what exactly was going to happen and how it was going to work. After she let me borrow one of her lenses, I quickly got to work shooting the bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and make up done (and immediately became obsessed with her lens. I will be getting one of those.) And of course, we stopped shooting for a picture of us together. Thank you so much Amanda for the photo!

After leaving the salon we headed over to Palmetto Dunes, where the lovely couple was staying and getting married. We made a quick stop at the reception area to see how things were coming along and snap a few pictures before heading over to check on the guys. I hung out with the guys getting some shots of them getting ready while Amanda headed back to the girls, where I headed when I was done with the guys. Just before the girls were ready, I headed down to the beach to snap a few pictures of where the ceremony was taking place and to be ready before everyone arrived. The ceremony was beautiful. I won’t go into much detail about the ceremony but when it was over came the most stressful part of the wedding: the formal pictures. Making sure every shot is taken and that everyone remains put until it’s over is no easy task, but worth every stressful moment. When formals were over, it was time for me to head out. I had to meet TJ at his work and pick up the kids. I’m bummed about missing the opportunity to photograph the fun at the reception but I had an absolute blast learning and experiencing my first wedding. 


After a crazy Saturday, I was ready to relax on Sunday, but that didn’t really happen. I got a 4 mile run first thing in the morning. I struggled with this run. I struggled so much that I wanted to give up at mile 2 but I decided to push it a little longer. I made it to mile 3 and was still struggling but told myself I would keep going until I hit the street I needed to turn down to get to my house. By that point, I only had 3/4 of a mile left and figured I might as well finish, I didn’t have that much left. And finish I did. I didn’t feel the best about it, but my overall pace was much better than I thought so I still say it was a win.

After getting home, TJ had to leave to work on a student film again and while he was gone, he found out that his brother’s best friend had passed away. I was shocked to find out and am saddened by the news. I only had the chance to hang out with him a few times but we talked and caught up on Facebook regularly. He became a friend and actually was there for me during a tough time in my life several years ago. I last saw him for my birthday in December and I’m glad to have had such great memories as our last time together.

As far the rest of my Sunday, it was a bit somber but it I did get a few things done.

And that about wraps my weekend. How was your weekend? Did you have an eventful weekend?

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Weekend in Review #1

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope yours was as great as ours.


Not too much happened over here. A little bit of relaxation, which was much needed


No pictures to post, but it was unexpected busy day. Saturday, I knew I needed to head out Target to pick up a few gifts for the birthday boy. I also knew that my friend Beth was up at the school working on some lastminute stuff for the the start of school today. I decided to pop on over and see if she wanted to tag along. The moment I walked in, I could tell she was a bit frazzled. I asked if she wanted to join me but she said she had a lot to get done so it would be a few hours. I offered to help with what I could thinking that could speed up the process. Boy was I wrong! It definitely took us longer than either of us thought it would but it was a good thing I stopped by because I did help her get everything done for the first week. Four hours later, we headed out for a late lunch and then a Target and AC Moore shopping trip. We found a few gifts for Dylan and by the time I got home, it was time for dinner. And once the kids were off to bed, it was time to wrap these presents and make Dylan’s birthday cake. 


Sunday was all about Dylan. We kept the morning pretty low key but in the afternoon, we surprised Dylan with a trip to FunZone. It was full of mini golf,

2 rounds of go carts (one with Beth)

and one without.

It was then back to the house where we opened presents (oops, I left the clearance tag on it. hahaha)

and I made Dylan an ice cream cake! My first ever attempt and it was pretty good. Don’t mind the “cake plate.” It’s really the lid to a really big bowl, but since I have no cake plate, I make it work. lol.

And with present and cake time over, it was time to begin our back to school bedtime routine, because today……



Happy Birthday Dylan!

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Today is a day all about Dylan! My baby boy is 8 years old today! I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He gets taller by the day, smarter by the minute and more independent by the second.

To celebrate this crazy, kind-hearted little boy, we planned a little surprise for him and I’ll fill you in on all the details soon, but for now, I just wanted to stop in and wish him a very


Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Healthy Lunches for Back To School

I can’t believe it’s almost time! In just 6 short days, Dylan will go back to school and be in 3rd grade. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing. Before I know he’ll be in high school, and not wanting my help. But until then, I’m going to soak up all the “help” I can give.

One of those ways is to make sure I send him to school with a healthy well balanced lunch. Thursday, I shared my nutrition goals for the month, and I mentioned how with Dylan going back to school, I wanted to prepare and create our own healthier snacks, especially for Dylan’s lunches. With that, also comes healthier entrees as well. 
I’ve been doing a little pinterest and internet research for some lunch ideas, along with coming up with some of my own for Dylan to take to school. And today, I’m going to share with you a list of what I have come up with. This is not all there is out there, of course, but I will be honest, I was keeping my 7 year old in mind, when I was making this list.

PB&J on a whole wheat mini bagel Dylan is a huge fan of Peanut Butter and Jelly. If I let him, he’d have it for lunch everyday. And while I don’t typically have a problem with it as lunch, a normal size sandwich just is a larger portion size than I would like, so instead I would often make him half a sandwich. Then it occured to me while shopping one day to use mini bagels, or slider buns for that matter. Dylan likes bagels better so this is perfect. And the smaller sandwich allows for more heathier side and snack options

Mini Chicken Club Sandwiches This pretty much goes right along with the mini peanut butter idea, but I would most likely use whole wheat slider buns for this. Just grill up some chicken and cut it up the night before or on Sunday when you do the rest of your meal prep, and all you have to do in the morning is put the sandwich together.

Mini pita pockets This was an idea I found on the internet, but unfortunately I can’t remember where. I have always done half a pita pocket for Dylan. I had no idea they made mini pita pockets. I am now on the serious hunt for mini pitas for Dylan’s lunch. You can add tuna, chicken salad, grilled chicken with veggies and a vinegarette dressing, and tons more ideas.

Healthy pizza I think this is one of my favorite ideas. It’s something I have thought of, but haven’t done it. It is also something I found on the internet as well. What I love the most about this recipe is that your kids can help you make this. Just make your favorite pizza dough recipe (if you have a good, preferably whole wheat one, please share. I don’t have a favorite yet), and your kids help spread the sauce and add the ingredients they choose. You can even divide the piza dough up to create mini pizzas so each child can have their own pizza.

Salad (green leafy, bean, pasta) Oh, we can go into the many different kinds of salads out there and share recipe after recipe (Ok, I’m sharing one below), but basically, you can pack your kids salad for lunch. I’m sure you’ve pack it for your own lunch before, so you know it does fine. Any salad you can think, an know they’ll eat: green leafy salads, bean salads, pasta salads, they all sound delicious. Just be sure to pack the salad dressing from any green leafy salads, so that it doesn’t get soggy.

Corn, Black Bean and Mango Salad This recipe looks too good not to share. To me, I think this would be good wam or cold, but if they prefer it warm, just heat it up in the morning and pop it in a thermos. Check it out here.

Chili Even though Savannah doesn’t get as cold as I would like it to get (I want snow in the winter), it doesn cool down enough for some good chili in the fall and winter. We love chili in our house. And this year, I plan on sending Dylan to school with some leftover chili. I haven’t yet picked up a thermos, but it’s on my list of back to school supplies for him. Putting some heated leftover chili in a thermos for lunch has to be one of the easiest lunch preps ever. I will love for those days!

Soup I will also live for soup days. It’s another super easy lunch day. And just like chili, is perfect for lunch in a thermos the next day. I love soup and am constantly trying out new soup recipes on my family. Our favorite (and one I plan on making multiple times this fall and winter) is this tomato soup recipe from Jenn over at Peas and Crayons complete with the Baked Mozzarella Balls. It is hands down  my favorite tomato soup recipe and one of my all time favorite meals. My husband has put this at the top of his Top 10 meals I’ve made, and my kids kept asking for more, even after it was gone. It was a soup, I originally thought would be my lunch the next day. Everyone liked it so much, there were no leftovers. Seriously, you HAVE TO make this soup!

Mac-N-Cheese A kid favorite, this list couldn’t not include some good ol’ mac-n-cheese. But I’m not talking about the boxed kind, I’m talking about the homemade kind. While this isn’t the healthiest option on the list, you can do things to make it a little healthier, like using whole wheat pasta, soy milk, or low-fat cheese. You can also try this Quinoa Mac N Cheese recipe, another favorite in our house.

Corn & Zucchini Fritters This idea came from Bon Appetit and is actually an idea I have yet tried with Dylan and not really sure if he will like. However, I do love it and am hoping it’s a success. Prepare a batch of whole wheat pancake batter, using about 1/2 the liquid. Stir in a cup thawed frozen corn, one small grated zucchini and a handful of Parmesan, and a sliced scallion. The zucchini will add moisture; add more liquid if the batter is too stiff. Cook until golden, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Pack with Greek yogurt for dipping.

BLTA wraps (or any other kind of wrap) Wraps are a fun and different take on a sandwich. At least that’s what Dylan thinks. I make these frequently and he loves them. His only complaint: that the wraps would fall apart on him, so when I made them, I started wrapping the finished wrap in parchment or wax paper (just depended on what I had at the moment). I told him when it was lunch time, to just unwrap a little of the paper and eat the wrap so it would stay closed. He said that it was much better. Just like sandwiches, the possibilities are endless, like an amazingly awesome BLTA wrap. A BLT with avocado anyone? Sounds like my kind of lunch.

Smoothies This idea is not mine. I wish it was. I want to claim this one as my own genius idea. Instead, I have to leave the credit to Lisa from 100 Days of Real Food. Dylan loves smoothies. I think the kid could live off smoothies and PB&J, so when I found this idea, I knew I had to include it in the post. Lisa uses these freeze pop molds, which I will be ordering soon to freeze the smoothies in. You can make any smoothie you want. I say load it with all the veggies you can. And then when you pack your kid’s lunch, just pull one out of the freezer and it will still be cold, but partially thawed for lunch time.

Last, I want to share this post by Lisa Leake over at 100 Days of Real Food. When I was searching the internet for more ideas, I came across her School Lunch Round-up post and immediately knew this was a post worth pinning. She has way too many ideas to mention in this post, so instead, I want to share the entire post with you. If you have school-aged kids, you should totally check this post out.

Some of these sound so delicious that they will actually be going on my lunch menu too, as well as Jordyn’s menu. It’s going to make lunch time at our house so easy. And be on the lookout next week for Part 2 to this post: Healthy Snacks for Kids. 

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Dylan’s First 5K

I know, I know, where the hell have I been? I’ve been gone for way too long. There’s been a lot going on in my life lately and this blog seemed to have falled off the face of the planet when that happened. Oops!!! I’ve got nothing, except I’m sorry and I’m really working to do better. I promise

But what better way to come back to the blogging world, than with a huge brag accomplishment post about my 7 year old. In December, TJ and I ran the Savannah Bridge Run. Dylan was there to cheer us on and that day he had decided he wanted to run it with us the next year. I was so excited and all for it. There’s just one thing: Dylan has never run 3 miles all at once before.

I knew I would have to get him to start running and practicing if he really wanted to run the bridge. I’ve been a huge slacker mom and hadn’t gotten him started with running. He was getting plenty of exercise but I just never got him focused on running.

One random weekend day, I brought up the subject of him running the 5K and that maybe he’d like to go run with me just to practice some. Instead, Dylan responded with how easy a 5K would be and how would was going to get first place. I admired his confidence and determination but I also knew at 7 years old, he really didn’t know how long 3 miles was and that he might be in for a surprise.

Then a running group I’m part of, Savannah Moms Run This Town, posted a link to a Living Social Deal for the Girls On The Run 5K. The entry fee was half off and knowing Dylan need exposure to the true length of a 5K, TJ and I thought this would be a good chance to allow him to see how long it was and if he wanted to quit halfway through, then it would be ok since it was out and back, and the cost of the entry fee wasn’t high. TJ and I asked Dylan if he wanted to try it out. He excitedly said yes, and we were registered for our first 5K as family, with Jordyn being pushed in the stroller by TJ.

Now, fast foward to the week before the race. TJ calls me while he’s at school with the opportunity to work on his first film as boom mic operator (you know those guys that hold the huge microphones above the actors during filming) on a student film. Reminding him, he would miss the race, he almost cancelled on the film shoot, but I knew we could do it and he needed the experience. That left with pushing Jordyn in the stroller.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you may find that I never talk about my runs with Jordyn. I talk about my walks with her, but never my runs. Why you ask? Because I don’t do it. I don’t run with Jordyn in a stroller. I typically take my runs as me time, but, really, it’s tough work. We also don’t have a jogging stroller, which makes it a bit tougher. So, I knew I was going to be in for a real challenge as well.

The morning of the race Dylan was up and ready to go in record time. He was so excited about the race. Me, on the other hand, wasn’t as excited. I knew how tough it might be for pushing the stroller but it was more about Dylan and with him as excited as he was, you couldn’t help but smile and have a little excitement yourself.

Once we got arrived at Savannah State University, wherethe race was held, we checked in, were given or t-shirts and bibs and then walked around a little bit. And before heading to the start, we of course had to get a before race picture.

Once lining up on the track for the start, we sapotted this awesome dad sporting a matching tutu with his daughter.

Finally it was time to race. Before the race began, I told Dylan how he needed to start slow. If he did that, he’d be able to run longer and farther. Well, the poor kid was just too dang excited. I kept asking him to slow down some in an effort to pace himself. He made it about 1/2 mile before he asked if we could take a walk break, which honestly I was fine with. Pushing that stroller isn’t easy. He caught his breath and was ready to go again. We ran for a little bit longer before he needed another walk break. And so on. We made this a run/walk 5K, as I figured it would be. I let Dylan determine when we would walk and run, but tried to push him just a little further each time he said he wanted to walk. If he asked to walk, I suggested making it to the next tree or lamp post. It usually gave him a little push, but I knew I couldn’t push him too much since he wasn’t used to this at all.

This race route was out and back, so when we started passing people, Dylan would be running and cheering on the other runners. He kept encouraging anyone and everyone to keep it up and that they were doing great. His sportmanship was phenomonal.

We finally made it back to the stadium where we would 3/4 of the way around the track to the finish line. I told Dylan to wait for me to yell, “GO” and when I did to run as fast as he could through that finish line. I told him not to stop until he crossed the finish. At the final stretch, I told him to go, and he took off. I, ran as fast as I could as well but with that stroller I knew I wasn’t going to be as fast as he was. I just kept cheering him on as I ran and to keep it up.

As soon as he crossed the finish, he stopped, turned around and waited for me, but he was kind of in the way of the rest of the finishers. Ooops! No one seemed to care but as we walked out the way, they were handing out finisher medals. Dylan was already proud of himself for finishing and then they hand him a medal. His whole face lit up.

He went on and on about how awesome he did and how he got a “gold medal.” After the race, we met up with a few of the ladies from the Savannah MRTT group for a group photo, and he was flashing his medal around (unaware that they too got one. lol) Gotta love those ladies for humoring him.

All in all, it was a great race for him. He had a great time, but is now a little unsure about the bridge run. I told him with practice, he can absolutely do bridge run and beat his time. He’s got a bit of motivation now and is ready to start running a little more.

As for me, whew! Kudos to you moms who run with strollers on a regualr basis. That was tough work and if it weren’t for the major calorie, I would never entertain the idea again. haha! But, that calorie burn was amazing! On a completely different note, I would love to make a family 5K a new Mother’s Day (weekend) tradition.

Do you run with a stroller? Do you have any tips? How about kids running 5K’s? Do you know of the best approach for kids and training?

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Sent Away

Good evening! How is everyone tonight? I’m not one to typically post at night but TJ has sent me away to the bedroom tonight.

What? I know. Crazy, right?!? I have mentioned before that TJ is attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). His major is sound design. His ultimate dream is to make sound effects for movies and TV shows. One of the classes he is taking this quarter is called “Field Recording.” Most of his assignments involve him having to go out and record his own sounds to help build his own library of sound effects.
Unfortunately, for me, he has borrowed super sensitive equipment from the school, and my quiet typing was being picked up by the microphone so I had to leave my craft room/office. But honestly, I don’t mind. I’m so proud of him for going after what he really wants to do. He could have easily chosen to go to a school and major in something that would guarantee him a job when he was done. Something that he knew would work, but he wouldn’t be truly happy in. He’s going after his passion and what he really wants. So, I am happy to support him and help him in whatever he needs to help him through school and find his ultimate dream job. 
Besides, I get a chance to catch up on The Bachelor too, without him making fun of every little thing. LOL!
And yes for those that keep up with The Bachelor, I am behind and watching the 2nd episode. Oops! 😉
And with my laptop and my iPad, I figured I’d pop on in with a quick update on me.
Over the holidays, I slacked off with working out but did maintain healthier eating. I luckily did not gain any of my weight back, but I didn’t lose any either. Since the last time I updated about my weight loss progress there has been a loss though. As of tonight, I have lost a total of 29 pounds and have 11 pounds to go. While I am ecstatic about my weight loss, I’m not as toned as I would like to be.
I started running more consistently again and am now actively working to build my base weekly mileage as well as my distance per run. Once per week, I have been going for a “long” run. These long runs are not long…yet, but I’m working on it. Sunday, I ran 4 miles, which is closest to my longest distance, but this coming Sunday, I will go for 5. This will officially become my longest run and then hope to steadily increase my long runs. For me, I feel like I have a long way to go to be where I want to be as a runner, but I have to say I am really enjoying seeing the progress I am making. Just to see how far I have come from when I started is pretty cool to me.
While I have been doing really well with my runs but I am noticing that I am lacking some strength training big time. I think, I know this lack of strength training is also a reason I am not as toned as I would like to be. Sometimes when it comes to strenth training, I feel a bit lost, but I am determined to figure out what will be best for me and work on it.
And on that note, I am off to find some good strength training workouts. Have a happy Wednesday night everyone!
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The Wedding {And a FAB apparel company and DEAL!}

Good morning! How is everyone? I’m back with another recap from my trip, but first let me talk about my latest purchase!

Have you heard of ViewSPORT? They have sweat-activated fitness apparel that reveal motivational messages the harder you workout. I first heard about them when they appeared on an episode of Shark Tank. My husband and I love the show and seeing what kind of products and ideas people come up with. We remember thinking that this was a super cool idea and a great motivator to get you to workout harder. I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, but just kept forgetting about it. Well today, I finally ordered my shirt!

Isn’t she pretty? You want to know something else that’s awesome about it? I ordered it this morning and it already shipped! Even better! And I spoke with someone today and they were absolutely fantastic! Great customer service! I will definitely be sharing a picture of me in my new shirt when it comes in! Stay tuned next week!

***Interested in your own? Check out their website and enter code “funning” to save 15% through Sunday!

****Side note: ViewSPORT has in no way compensated for me this. I just LOVE their shirts and want to share how great I think they are!


Now, onto another installment of my trip to Mass. Did you miss the first two? Check out the flight up here and our apple picking adventures here.
Saturday was wedding day! But before we took the drive to Sturbridge, we stopped to visit another cousin of mine. I haven’t seen my cousin Andy or his kids in years. We talk on facebook all the time and he only sees a million pictures of my kids there as well but he’s never gotten the chance to meet them.
We got to their house around lunchtime and they had pizza waiting for us. And this pizza was amazing! It was Grilled Chicken and Broccoli with Ranch Pizza. No joke, it was the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the pizzeria but it was great!
After lunch, we headed to the yard so Jordyn could run around and play in the leaves. This was a completely new concept to Jordyn. We have leaves on the ground at our house but they are tiny and not good to play in. Andy raked up a pile for Jordyn, but she even attempted to play in, we had to show her what to do. It didn’t take long before she was well on her way to a good time!

Once Jordyn had her fill of leaves, it was off to Sturbridge to get ready for the wedding.
The wedding was held at The Publick House, a historic New England Inn that was opened in 1771 to residents of the town and travelers as a place to stay along their route. AT one point, it also became a post for the US Army top house soliders en route to training. Visitors to stay at the Inn include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and even actors Bill Murray and John Travolta.
The ceremony was outdoors and it was a tad bit chilly but not as bad as it could have been. All the bridesmaids, along with the flower girl and bride had the cutest shalls.



Once the ceremony was over, we headed inside where the reception was held. Looking for my place card, I realized that my mo and I were separated. Hmmm…..but then realized I was sitting with my cousins. Ahhh, the kids table, just like when we were younger. Awaiting at the tables was the cutest favor I had ever seen. Tiny little maple leaf bottles filled with homemade maple syrup made by my uncle.

Aren’t these the cutest and most creative idea you’ve ever seen? Perfect for a fall wedding. Not only did my uncle make the syrup himself, he, Katrina and my cousin Josh, bottled it themselves as well. I love them! And was so excited to try it, along with give TJ his first taste of “real” maple syrup. (and btw….it was amazing!)
And check out their cake. Perfect such big outdoors people
The reception was a so much fun. We ate, we caught with each other and we dance, even my grandfather.
And of course we got some pictures. Here’s my mom (in the blue) with my grandfather and her brothers and sisters
Now my turn with my grandfather and a few of my cousins
And of course with the bride groom! Oh, and I LOVE how Katrina have the same pose going on! LOL!
And my favorite picture of them!
I love you guys! And I’m so glad I could be there!
Semi-Random Question: Did you check out ViewSPORT site? What is your favorite shirt that they offer?

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Apple Picking

Good afternoon! How is everyone’s Monday? Hopefully it’s going great. This morning, I promised another post about my trip up North. Well wait, no more.


When I last left you, Jordyn and I had just arrived in Connecticut. My cousin, Nick, had just picked us up and we were on our way to Greenfield.

After lunch, Nick took us to Poet’s Seat Tower. It’s an observation that overlooks the town of Greenfield. It’s such a beautiful place this time of year is absolutely beautiful.

Oh, how I miss this place! Isn’t it just beautiful?
After we left Poet’s Seat Tower, it was time to go visit my grandmother. We talked and visited for while and then she took us to Pine Hill Orchards to go apple picking

Have you ever been apple picking? I haven’t! And it was so much fun! Jordyn loved running around picking apples.

And my little non-apple eater made a liar out of me, going to town on her apples.

But when the look this good, how can you not try one..or two.
Even I got in on the action.

And even though there’s an abundance of apples in the orchard we still like to share.
And the beautiful woman who took us apple picking. 
After apple picking, we headed back to my grandmother’s and hung out for a while before heading to my mom’s best friend’s where we were staying the night.
I was going to share more, but this ended being a rather long post, so for now, I leave you at the end of our first, very busy day. Be on the lookout this week for more, including the wedding!
Have you ever been apple picking? Nothing’s better than fresh, local apples, or any fruit or vegetables for that matter.