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August Goals

How is August here already? I felt like it was just a few months ago, it was August of 2015 and we just moved to NJ. Now, we’ve been here almost a year. It’s crazy how time flies the older you get.

August is our final month of summer. September is going to mark the beginning of a crazy and busy period in our lives (I’ll go into that more in another post). Knowing how busy our lives are going to become soon, I sat down and really started to think about my past goals, why I haven’t done very well with them and how I can make August’s goals the best of 2016. One thing that came to mind when reviewing my goals was I think I was making everything too complicated and giving myself too much. I tried to think back to what I did and why I was so successful last time I went through my weight loss journey. I realized I kept everything simple. I had a few goals I wanted to work towards and didn’t overload myself with so many super detailed goals that just weren’t attainable for the time in my life. I set goals that were going to work for my lifestyle and my schedule.

That’s exactly what I’m going back with my August goals. I looked at TJ’s schedule and when he’s realistically home to watch the kids if I want to leave the house for a workout. I’ve looked at my schedule with the kids and what’s realistic for me to get a workout in. I’ve looked at my work schedule, and what I believe is going to work for that as well. All of these factors and more played HUGE roles in defining my August goals. But I know being aware of everything going on in our life, will allow me to set attainable goals that will motivate me to keep going.

So, let’s get on with the goals already!

Workout 3-4x/week
I actually had a slightly higher goal for this but when looking at the time I realistically have each week caused me to lower this a bit.  I’m going to start the C25K program over and schedule those runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the hopes of another workout during the week, which I plan to make a strength workout of some sort. 
I miss running a lot but actually getting outside right now just isn’t likely with the type of schedule we have. I’m working long days every weekend so in reality a weekend run is probably not going to happen. My plan is to get the C25K runs in during the week. If an opportunity pops up where I can get a run in outside on the weekends, I’ll take it but I will not be scheduling them in due to work.

As for my strength training workout, I haven’t decided what that will be but I plan to mix it up and hopefully add one or two in after my runs as well, but I’m not going to stress if they don’t happen. Right now, the habit needs to be formed and once that is down, then I can move on to adding more. If I can a strength workout in on Tuesday or Thursdays, I’d be happy, and then I can try to get out with the kids before school starts. Maybe a walk, bike ride or swim at the park. Something to get us all moving.

Meal Prep each week
I use to meal prep every week. It took up several hours of my Sunday but it was totally worth it. We ate at home more often and it made dinners so much easier every night. I got out of the habit when I was working at the elementary school and only sporadically picked it up here and there. 
With me working on the weekends, a Sunday meal prep session isn’t going to happen, but I can definitely move it to Mondays and maybe enlist the kids to help. I know how important meal prep is for staying on track with meals and this is a MUST for me for reaching my weightloss goals and limited workout time. My nutrition is actually going to be the most important part for me (well isn’t it for everyone?).
Lose 3-4 pounds this month
I feel that as long as I watch my portions and calories, and stick to my workouts, then this will happen naturally for me. But I know if I don’t do either of those things, this will not happen. This is the measurable part of the month’s goals to show that I’m doing what needs to be done to hit my goal weight/fit level. 
I definitely have a weightloss number I want to hit but I’m realistic in that it’s more about being fit and healthy than the number on the scale. If that means I don’t ht my goal weight, I will be ok, but the number on the scale is going to be a big motivator and indicator in the beginning for me. 
Read 2 books this month
This is not fitness or nutrition related but more mental health related. I would like to read 1 personal development book in August and 1 just-for-fun book. I feel personal development books are good for everyone, whether they are health-based, business-based, hobby-based or faith-based. We can always working toward becoming a better or more improved version of ourselves and I’m interested in learning all I can to be a better person. As for a just-for-fun book, I find that I get myself so wrapped in what needs to be done for the house and everyone in the family, that I don’t always make time for me to just relax. Making time to read a good book is the perfect way to relax and decompress from the day.

I know some people can read books in a matter of a few days but if I can read just two in the month of August, I will call myself a success.  

That covers my goals for the month. I’m focusing on the basics of creating a routine and habit right now. Something that I can truly incorporate into my life that will hopefully be simple enough to carry over to the soon-to-be busy period beginning in September.

What are your goals for August? Do you have suggestions or tips that have worked for you when incorporating workouts into a busy lifesytle?