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Nine Line 5K Recap

I don’t even know where to begin with this recap. This race was one of the most emotional races I have ever run. And not in a bad way. It was the cause, the Nine Line Foundation.

The Nine Line Foundation is a foundation that helps wounded soldiers. What’s so great about them is that they only help one soldier at a time. Rather than focus on all wounded soldiers at once, they focus on one individual. They raise money to help that soldier financially to get the tools they need to rebuild their lives. There is no time limit. They set a goal amount and that soldier remains the focus until all the money has been raised.

The current candidate is SFC Mark Holbert. While responding to an explosion on the outer security perimeter, an IED exploded which resulted in nerve damage, the loss of fingers and his legs. He has made significant progress and is true hero (read his full story here). He has completed in multiple races since his injuries and now as a way to rebuild and improve his quality of life, he needs to have a specially modified smart home. Unfortunately, these are expensive and overwhelming. The Nine Line Foundation is here to help him reach his goal and improve his life. They have a goal of $300,000 to put towards this new home for him. While that is a lot, it’s an extremely worthy cause and I couldn’t have been happier to donate, so when I heard about the 5K being held by ERS Savannah and Nine Line Apparel, an apparel company that believes in wearing the cause and helps to raise money for the foundation, there was no question about signing up.

This was the first year for the race so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was also a night race, something I had never done before. Something that was familiar, this race was held at the same location as the Kilt and Kolor Run I ran in March. I knew that area but the course was going to be slightly different.


When I arrived, I noticed that this race was a lot smaller than some of the others, but knowing it was a night race and there was also a virtual run option I figured some runners choose that option. I was immediately overcome with emotion when I showed up. I guess reality set in that I was supporting an incredible cause so near and dear to my heart.

Before the start of the race, the race director made a few annoucements about the course, the cause we were supporting and then allowed SFC Holbert say a few words. It was then time to line up. As we all waited for the gun to go off, SFC Holbert began making his way to to front of the start line so that too could compete in the race. Here was an American hero competing in the 10K portion of the race in a wheelchair and I was just competing in the 5K. It kind of puts things in perspective.

The gun goes off and everyone starts running. I’m feeling pretty good and about ¼ quarter mile in, I realize I never turned my Garmin on. Oops! I look down to turn it on and I’m running a 9:25 pace. Holy cow! That’s not me. I was feeling good but knew there was no way I could maintain that pace so I slowed down.

Once everyone started thinning out, I really started to focus on how I was doing. I was feeling pretty good, but each time I looked at my watch, I was still running faster than I should have been. It was this that made me realize I would need a few walk breaks at some point.

And I was right. A little more than halfway through the race, I took my first walk break. It wasn’t long, maybe about 20-30 seconds, but it was long enough to catch my breath and start back again. This was also about the time, where I was able to start seeing the Talmedge Bridge, Savannah’s iconic bridge that takes you across the river and into South Carolina. The race was at dusk and watching the sun set over the bridge was gorgeous. It was a view I could have looked at for hours, but the race must go on, so as I just stared at the sunset as I ran until it was time to turn and I could no longer see the bridge.

Just look at that sunset. Gorgeous, even with an iPhone picture. lol.


Once I made that turn, I knew I was about ½-¾ of a mile from the finish. It was bout this time when I ended up near a 12 year old boy and another woman who looked to be about my age. I was determined not to let the woman pass me. I took one last walk to catch my breath and then started running. I wasn’t going to stop and, in fact, wanted to push harder at the final stretch.

And push harder was what I did. As soon as I hit the dirt path that was the final stretch, I sped up. Nit too much for fear of not being able to finish strong, but I definitely pushed myself, giving myself a strong finish and a sense of pride. I, also began to have a few tears in my eyes (again this cause really did it to me) and I was glad to have been wearing sunglasses.

TJ is totally jealous if the bottle opener we receved as finishers.



When reaching the finish, I noticed there weren’t a lot of people who had come in, so I gave it about 5 minutes and they announced an updated results list. I found my name and it showed I placed 3rd in my age group! Check me out! I have never placed in my age group. Granted, this was a small race and there were only 10 in my age group, but still, I will take it. And not only did I finish 3rd, I also PR’d that race! Talk about a great race.

Can you find me? I’m #25 on the list. This was an unfinished list.


After the fantastic feeling of finishing so well, I waited around for SFT Holbert to arrive. Everyone who was already finished cheered him on and it was incredible to see the support he was given. I gave him time to come in, settle down and relax and then went over and thanked him for his service and told him what an honor it was to meet him. We talked about TJ being the military and about the foundation, along with the owners of Nine Line Apparel. He’s an incredible guy and I can’t express how happy I am to have been able to help him and this foundation.

All in all the race was amazing and definitely one of the best I had ever run. This race (both the live race and the virtual) raised $20,000 towards SFC Holbert’s smart home. I think that’s incredible considering it was the first year and it was relatively small.

Would you like to donate to the Nine Line Foundation and help raise money for SFC Holbert’s new home? Click here to donate.

And don’t forget to check out Nine Line Apparel’s website. They have some pretty cool tactical gear and shirts to support the cause and a portion of every product sold goes to the foundation as well, and the owners are veterans and extremely nice. If you’re ever in Savannah, you should stop in and see them.

Your turn! Have you ever participated in an event that you had you slightly emotional? What’s your favorite cause?

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July Challenge…Are You In?

Can you believe it’s almost July already? It’s crazy how fast time is flying. TJ’s graduation will be here before I know it (my husband graduates from SCAD in March 2015). I know it’s still kind of far away but we’re in the final year people!

OK, where were we? Oh yes, July! July brings lots of fun. 4th of July celebrations, my anniversary, beach days and more. For much of the country, it also brings some of the hottest temperatures of the year.
In an effort to battle the heat, we need to drink more water. When we don’t drink enough water, we can become dehyrdated. And dehydration can lead to heat related injuries, swelling of the brain, seizures and more. The problem is, most of us don’t drink nearly as much as should. Which is why in July I want to invite you. I want invite you to take the Water Challenge.

What is the Water Challenge?
The water challenge is a 10-Day challenge to help you slowly increase your water intake each day so that by Day 10 you will be consuming your daily water intake.
When will take place?
July 1st – July 10th
Where will it take place?
In a special private Facebook group just for the challenge where you will receive tips, advice, support and encouragement each day.
Bonus: The group will be open for 31 days to continue to provide support and encouragement to kepp up your daily water intake levels and make this a habit and way of life. Those who stick with the challenge and offer additional support throughout the 31 days will be entered to win a prize at the end!
How do I sign up?
Sign up for a free Beachbody account so I know where to send your prize if you win. And yes, the account is 100% free, and is a great tool for monitoring all your health and fitness goals as well as a fantastic community of support and motivation. Seriously, it’s free! The whole challenge is. You’ve gotten nothing to lose. Click here to sign up!
Do you struggle with getting your water in for the day? What helps you make sure you do get it in? Join me in this month’s challenge. And if you have any other questions about signing up, the challenge or the Beachbody account, please feel free to ask! I can’t wait to see you in the group!
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Schweaty Sunday #5

Happy Sunday! How is everyone today? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Summer kicked off with a bang yesterday. It was hot, hot, hot outside. We’re talking high 90’s with heat indices above 104. It was great day to practice some of those tips I shared Friday. But on to the real reason you’re here.


Today was a rest day. I worked a baseball tournament, which can always wear you out and then one of my best friends stopped to visit on his way to Jacksonville. 


This morning kicked off another round of 21 Day Fix. What’s going to make this round so much better? I have TJ right there next to me doing it as well. I’ve been wanting us to workout together for a while, but it seems like the time is never right. What I realized was we just weren’t making the time to do it together. So, I asked him if he’d do it with me this time. Since his work schedule varies, I decided I would adjust my workout times to match when it was convenient for him. It’s a little odd not working out first thing in the morning but I loved working out with him so I’m happy to move it around. And you know what else? Even the kids joined in for parts of the workout in their own kid version, so it ended up being a family affair. I loved it!


Today was Day 2 of 21 Day Fix, which was Upper Fix. Upper body workouts are not my favorite but that’s probably because I need it the most. Working out with TJ is great. He makes me work harder. Even without his crazy antics and encouragement, I work harder with just him being there. And once again, the kids joined in for part of it to try and workout. I really should get pictures but when you’re all working out there’s no one left to hold the camera.

But seriously, it was a great workout that I’m sure will leave my arms really sore in the morning.


Day 3 of 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix. TJ totally cheated. Lower body workouts are not his favorite so he tends to neglect them a bit more often, so after the last two days of workouts, he was really sore. He took several breaks and just wasn’t as enthusiastic about woday’s workout.

AS for me, I don’t know if I just wasn’t as sore as him or just toughed it out knowing what’s next having down the program before. I am, however, pretty sore and taking Jordyn’s old clothes and baby items to the consignment shop was not easy. 


Oh Pilates Fix. You gave me lots of laughter. After TJ “cheated” yesterday, I was expecting TJ to go full force. He complained a bit in the beginning, but once the abs portion started, he kicked it into high gear talking about how he could do this all day. I, on the hand, apparently need some serious core work, because I was struggling just a bit. Not a ton but enough for TJ to give me a hard time telling me I was doing it wrong and not to do any modifications. Then….we hit the booty part and our roles reversed. He kept trying to quit saying it hurt and things like, “Recovery day, my ass. This hurts!” In between bouts of laughter, it was my turn to give him a hard time telling him he was doing it wrong. When it was over, I asked how he liked it. His response? “It’s clear I have never worked out those muscles in my life.” HAHA! Gotta love him.


Today was Cardio Fix. This workout happened later than our normal workouts. We did it this evening instead of in the morning. We had a few errands and grabbed lunch while we were out. It was not healthy but it was so good. TJ seemed to feel pretty good during the workout. I, however, did not. I struggled through the whole thing. I was just not feeling it and while I love the calorie burn, I was glad for it to be over. It just goes to show that what you eat does affect your workouts. A nice reminder that healthy eating wins every time. 


Dirty 30 was up this morning. I was also on my own. TJ works until 4am Friday and Saturday nights (or should I say Saturday and Sunday mornings?). Not typically a big deal but since he was working his other job at 10 am this morning, the best thing for him was sleep. Back to my workout, I definitely didn’t struggle as much today thanks to a healthy breakfast. Dirty 30 is my favorite but it wasn’t as fun this morning without my partner in crime. I’ve lived the good life all week working out with him and I don’t want to give that up. There’s always tomorrow.

How were your workouts for the week? Does how you eat affect your workouts? Do you workout with a partner and how do you like it? Talk about it in the comments below.


Summer Fitness Tips

Good afternoon! I’m just a little late getting this post up today. I was up later than normal watching Beachbody’s General Session from Summit learning all about the new products coming soon. And then my brain was on planning overdrive. Anyways, the real reason you’re here. Today’s topic….

With summer in full swing for most of us (I’m quite jealous of anyone not dealing with temperatures in the 90’s or higher or with high enough humidity to make you feel you need an immediate shower after stepping out the door), I thought I’d share a few summer fitness tips with you today. You may have heard of these before, and if you have that’s ok, it can never hurt to be reminded of them again. And if you haven’t heard of them before, you’re welcome (and try a few out).

Start or end your day with a workout
The heat (and for some humidity) can be a demotivating factor when it comes to working out. It can also be dangerous to workout in the middle of the day with extreme temperatures/

To combat the heat and/or humidity, try waking up earlier before the sun comes up and getting a work out in, or go later at night after the sun has set. Mornings, you can usually find lower temperatures but higher humidity, and evenings, you will usually find higher (and by higher, I mean higher than the morning) temperatures but lower humidity. You need to do what works for you, but I find these times are what work best for me in Savannah’s heat and humidity.

Try water workouts
Another way to combat the heat, is to hit the water. If you live near the beach like I do, there are usually a lot of water sport options. Try water skiing, stand-up paddle board, surfing (OK, I can’t really do this here thanks to the barrier islands but the West Coast can rock this one), and swimming. Swimming in the ocean is a tougher workout then in a pool or lake just based on the current. It’s low-impact and will burn less calories, but ot’s still a workout and you won’t have to worry about getting overheated. But PLEASE don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen.

If you don’t live by the beach, try a lake. You can still water ski on the lake and going swimming. And if you don’t have a lake near you, check out the pool. Swimming is a fantastic cross training exercise, especially for runners.

Try indoor workouts
Still can’t handle the heat? Head indoors. Hit your local gym where they always have the AC cranked up, or try an indoor Zumba class, yoga class, barre class (something on my list to try), or even an indoor track. You can also a home workout DVD in the comfort of your own home, like Beachbody’s new PiYo program (Shameless plug. 😉 )

The heat can be brutal sometimes and if you know it’s best for your body to stay inside, then opt for an indoor workout that day.

Try cooler areas
Take some time to explore your community and find areas that may be cooler than your typical spots. For example, try running on a trail. Shady areas, are 10-15 degrees cooler than sunny parks. Live near the beach? Take your workout to the shore line. Not only can squishy sand give you a better a workout (it’s instability makes you work your core harder), the ocean breeze makes it cooler as well.

Keep checking your heart rate
The summer heat can be tougher on your body. It has a tendency to raise your heart rate faster than normal. Keep an eye on your heart rate and don’t push yourself to hard. In fact, you may need to slow down a little. If you’re running, slow down your pace over the summer. I know that’s hard to do for some, but you don’t want to over do yourself. Learn to take clues from your body to know when to slow down or stop. If you’re feeling off, it may be best to take a break.

Wear appropiate clothing 
Not all workout clothes are meant to be worn year round. Some clothes are too hot and hold in too much sweat and moisture and that’s not good for our bodies. Try finding some lighter, wicking clothing to workout in. Go for shorts or capris over pants.

Water, water, water
This is probably the most important tip in the post. Remember to hydrate all summer long. You should be doing it year round, but it’s especially important during the summer. During the summer, we tend to lose more water through perspiration so we need to make sure we are properly hydrated to avoid becoming dehydrated. You should be drinking water before, during and after your workouts. Need some ideas for how to get your water in? Check this post for ideas. Interested in teaming up for some support and encouragement to reach your daily water intake goal? Stay tuned next week for a post on July’s challenge about just that.

How do you stay motivated to workout over the summer? What tips do you recommend to get you through summer workouts? I want to know! Share them with me!

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PiYo is NOW Available!!!

Guess what today is? It’s PiYo day!!!!

What is PiYo? Here’s what Beachbody has to say:

Introducing PiYo, a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG.
Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full-throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you’re burning crazy calories.
Now you can carve every inch of your body.
How? You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

The result? Problem areas become no problem. You can get sleek, long arms; sexy, flat abs; a tight, lifted butt; and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re at your best! 

This is your chance to define exactly how you want to look—and how you want to feel. You’re in control.
You have the power to define yourself. 
Now use it. Introducing PiYo, a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG.

Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full-throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you’re burning crazy calories.

Still not so sure? Watch this video!

I am so excited for this program. I think this program will be extremely beneficial as cross training for my half marathon training that starts next month.
Now I know you’re ready to order! Click here to order the base kit or here to order the deluxe kit.
Want some extra motivation and support? I’ll put you in a special support group on Facebook specifically for PiYo users where we can plan, support, motivate and do the program together! Contact me by email or facebook today and I’ll get you in! 

What are your thoughts on the new PiYo program?

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I have some exciting news!

If you’ve been keeping up with me, then you may have read my 21 Day Review post from last week. And if you read that post, you know how much I raved about the program. You also know that over the last year or so, being active and healthy has become a major part of my life. After the great success I had  and falling in love with Shakeology (which I know I haven’t really talked about), I made a giant leap.

I am now a Beachbody Coach!!!


What does that mean? It means that while, yes I am distributor, my main goal is to help you. I want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Looking to lose a few pounds? I can help you find the right fitness program, whether it’s a Beachbody program or not. Want to learn better nutrition? I can help you find healthy meal options for you and your family. Looking for a better overall healthy lifestyle? You got it! I can help with that too.
How exactly can I help you? Through email, phone calls, video chats, in-person meetings (if you’re in the Savannah area) and even through a Facebook health and wellness group. The motivation, encouragement, support and advice you receive in that group is invaluable and will really help you push through to the end.
And the best part? It’s FREE!!!!! That’s right, my help and the facebook group is free (beachbody products are not. sorry). I want to help you! Sign up here for a FREE Team Beachbody membership! I mean it! No strings attached!

Interested in learning more about the Beachbody programs and helping to end the trend? Click here to go to my site and shop around for products.

Interested in learning about the amazing-ness that is Shakeology? Check out my Shakeology site to learn everything it has to offer as well as great recipes. Looking for a Shakeology sample? Let me know!
You can also click the shop tab at the top of the blog to go straight to my Beachbody site. As always, if you have any questions about any of the programs, Shakeology or are looking for help, please feel free to email me anytime.
Have you ever tried Shakeology or any of the Beachbody programs? What was your favorite?
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Big Nasty Mud Run

Am I on a roll or what? Think I can keep the posts coming? I hope so. That’s the plan anyway. OK, OK, on to the real reason you’re here: the Mud Run recap.

But before I get to the race recap, I want to share a little story. On my long, slow runs, I often listen to podcasts. It helps pass the time an enjoy the information. One of my favorite podcasts is Runner Girls Podcast (click here to read the blog). These three ladies share their weekly training, race recaps, offer running information and runner recommends. They also will highlight a runner each episode from Daily Mile (that’s my profile, follow me). Well, a few weeks ago on of their episodes they asked for any listeners that would like to share a race recap on one of their listener shows. Having not run any big races, I didn’t think any of my recaps would be what they were intersted in, but when they announced they still needed a few more, I figured why not ask. I asked and they said yes.

That brings me to today’s race recap. Instead of writing it all out, I was a guest on their podcast, and now you can listen to my race recap. How cool is that!!!

So, without further adieu, click here to be taken to the podcast and enjoy. I start around 36 minutes in, but seriously you should listen to the whole podcast. It’s fantastic!

What did you think? Pretty cool, huh? I feel famous! 😉 But now that you’ve heard the recap, I thought I’d share a few pictures with you so you put pictures to the recap.

My friend, and partner for the race, Danielle and the cutest 8 year old I know. This is pre-race in case you can’t tell from the super clean outfits.


Hoping the first set of walls.

Yes, I know it looks like I’m walking across a balance but seriously, have you ever tried to walk through really think and gunky mud? It’s hard and you will slip and fall. Who knows, I was probably getting ready to slip as this was taken.
Mud is fun! Thumbs up for being dirty.
Because you know, posing in the middle of a muddy creek is what I do.
This slide was awesome!!! I can’t even begin to express how many times I wanted to do this.
The tall wall that scared me. It was really the going over the top part that did it.
Over, under, over, under. Not the best face, but I like to keep it real.
OK, so I may have exaggerated on the size of the tire a little, but no joke, this was one of the biggest tires (and one of the only ones left at that point) and the inside was full of water. And that smile? TJ must have caught me at the beginning of this obstacle because at the end, I was over the tire. LOL!
This was that rope ladder I tried describing as the ladders at carnivals. Was I close?
I had to climb up another rope ladder to roll across this net and slide down a fireman’s pole.
A low crawl through an extremely muddy path.
Because eating mud is hilarious!
The football field length pool of mud at the finish. When you’re tired and have already expended a lot of your energy, you start thinking you’ll never reach the end.
We made it!!!!
And what I mentioned very briefly in the podcast, a kids run. Dylan did the kid’s run that was held before the start of the first wave, and Jordyn did the run the second time, after our run was over. They both loved every second of it and wanted to do it again. They are so proud of themselves. That first picture is actually Danielle and I after Dylan earned his medal from the run.
What does a tired mom do when her 3 year old needs help completing her first race? Why, help her of course! And thank God for Danielle. She made it so much easier.
A very happy 3 year old with her new medal.

And one more because I couldn’t resist not sharing that face.

And since my furry little friends decided they needed to make a cameo on the podcast, I’ll let them make a cameo on the blog too.

This is Bailey. Our sweet, kid-tolerating girl (and the one who snorted making Sue think we also had a warthog as a pet). 🙂

And this is Scooter, the lovable boy who follows me everywhere.
Overall, we loved every second of it and plan on doing it again in September, except next time TJ is actually going to be my partner. I see a date night coming.
*If you’re ever looking to switch up your run by listening to a podcast, you really should check these ladies. They are great!
***And a HUGE thank you to ERS Savannah and Corey Brooks for a few of the pictures in this post (they have the source link under them).
Have you ever participated in a mud run? How did you like it?
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21 Day Fix Review

This post is a long time coming. How long ago did I complete the 21 Day program? 2 months ago! Sheesh! I was not on the ball then was I?

21 Day Fix was released back in February. I honestly hadn’t heard much about it until it was released, and then one of the fitness groups I am in started blowing up with how great it was. The ladies were talking about workouts and how they followed the meal plan. 
It was the meal plan that really intrigued me. My nutrition is definitely the harder part of a healthy lifestyle for me, although I have gotten significantly better. I started asking questions, which had me even more interested in trying it out. So, on the last day of the promo I sale I went for it. I opted for the Challenge Pack, which came with both the program and Shakeology, a product I had also been thinking about trying but wasn’t completely sold on. This particular promo allowed me to purchase one month of Shakeology with the program for only $10 more than the normal price of Shakeology. I was on it.
Before I go on about my experience here’s a brief overview of the program straight from Beachbody:

Now there’s an easy-to-follow nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple, you can see results fast—up to 15 pounds in just 21 days!

21 Day Fix takes all the guesswork out of weight loss. There’s no counting, no guessing, and no wondering. Just easy-to-follow portion control and one 30-minute workout per day. That’s all.

In 21 days, you could get beach-ready for a vacation. Look drop-dead great at your upcoming reunion. Or jump-start a major weight-loss goal. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works. So stop wasting time on diets that don’t get results. If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight.

Allow me to elaborate a bit. The fitness part of the program is one 30-minute workout DVD each day. They are different workouts each day. What I love about them is that they are drop sets, which is a format I’ve always liked. I, also loved that the trainer, Autumn Calabrese, shows you how to do each move before you do it during the rest period. She shows modifications to make it easier or harder, making the workouts something everyone can do.
And now the meal plan part. It’s amazing! I consider more of it a meal guide as it allows you to come up with your own meals following certain guidelines, making this doable for the pickiest of eaters. The picture below shows these little colored containers. Each colored container is a different type of food, one being fruits, one being vegetables, one protein and so on. 
Based off your weight and activity level, you calculate your basic calorie needs for each day and follow the chart telling you how many of each colored container you can have each day. Don’t worry, the calculations are all in the book sent with the program. You then get to plan your meals to accomodate those containers without having to worry about counting calories all day.
OK, now back to my experience. While I waited for what felt like forever for my new purchase to arrive, I began googling meal ideas. Finally, it showed up on my doorstop!

I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get started but first I needed to meal plan. I’ll be honest when I say that I thought planning meals was a bit difficult, but mainly because I also have to take into account a husband and two kids, and make sure what I’m planning will be something they will eat as well. If you don’t mind repeating meals, you can make this super simple by eating the same meals throughout the week. Doing this meal planning, also had me meal prepping which made getting lunches ready each morning so much easier. 
With my meals for the first week planned and prepped, I was ready to start the program. Feeling pumped about the program, I woke up early for a morning workout and felt great. The workouts were great and I didn’t feel too sore, leaving me with tons of energy for work.
Until after 3 days into the program, I woke up on the 4th morning so sore from working out hard the previous 3 days. I had never been so happy for Pilates Day. Don’t get me wrong, I like pilates but I could use a non-weight day. 
I continued to follow the program and the meal guide throught the next 3 weeks. I had more energy, I felt great and most days I never felt hungry. At the end of the program, I lost 4 ½ pounds!!! That’s huge for me. Anything over ½ pound a week for me is usually a pretty deal, so losing 1 ½ pounds each week was amazing!
But what I loved more than the weight loss was learning portion control and the different types of food to incorporate into your each diet. Variety each day is key and will leaving you feeling full.
The verdict? I love it and will most likely do another round of the program later on after I’m done with half marathon training (which begins in July….eeek!!). This program is great for anyone but I feel especially helpful for those just starting their new healthy lifestyle. It will show with proper diet and exercise, you can do this. It just takes a little time and a little prep work.
Does it sound like something you want to try? It’s only 21 days to a healthier, new you! Click here to order the challenge pack or here for just the program.
Have you tried 21 Day Fix? What did you think about the program?
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Kilt and Kolor 5K

OK, can I first start with I am SO sorry! I am SO far behind in blogging it’s not even funny. Well, maybe to someone it is, but I’m a little embarrassed. What a bad blogger I am! Anywho, what better way to jump back into blogging than a race recap. 


I was so excited about this 5K. I had been wanting to do a color run for a while, but some of them are a little pricey and if you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I budget my money and can be a bit frugal at times. So when I found out about the Kilt and Kolor Run from Endurance Race Services (a race company I absolutely LOVE) and that it was so affordable, I jumped on it. In fact, I signed up TJ as well (don’t worry I asked if he’d do it first). 
The closer it got to race day, the more excited I became. I decided to make a shirt to represent my MRTT group. We had a babysitter lined up to watch the kids so we could have our own race date. And then, the morning of the race, my daughter woke up with a fever. Knowing how excited I was about the race, TJ told me to go and have a good time and he would stay home with Jordyn. I was bummed about the situation but headed out the door.

Take a look at how clean I am. It’s all about to change.

I arrived a bit early but it allowed me to check my phone and my keys, move around and warm up and do a little Zumba before the race to get my heart pumping.

Finally it was time to race. Being the first year for this race, it was smaller, but I kind of liked it that way. We lined up at the start and there wasn’t any overcrowding. We started to race and had breathing room right away.

Before I go on, here’s a little info about the race. The 5K had three color stations and since the race was an out and back, you went through each color station twice giving you six chances to be showered with color.  About ½ mile in was the first color station. The volunteers were really great about throwing color on everyone and we were covered after just the first station. After laughs and quickly realizing keeping your mouth closed is the best option, I raced on.

When I began the race, I wondered how I would feel. Because I didn’t want to ruin my phone, I checked it and had no music for the race. It wasn’t until the race started that I realized you could hear music through almost the entire course, leaving me feeling great.

I reached the halfway point and grabbed some water from the water stationed and headed back for the last half of the race. It was just after the halfway point when I could hear the race director announce that the first runners had finished. It was an untimed race, but I knew when I heard that I must have been doing great on time, which gave me motivation to push a little harder.

After passing the final color station, I knew I was almost done. I ran into the finish feeling just as good as when I started. OK, OK, I felt better than I did before I started. Those endorphins will do that to you.

Grabbing a water, I headed to get my phone and keys from gear check and realized there was a strong possibility I PR’d that race. I don’t know for sure since it was untimed, but based on when I picked up my phone, I think it was by a few minutes. Now I can’t wait for my next 5K!

Have you ever run a color run? Did you have a good time?