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January Virtual 5K Race Recap

Are you reading this post thinking, “I swear a virtual was not her agenda for January,” and are now confused? Your thoughts are right. A virtual was definitely not part of my plan for the month, but a few things happened to change that.

First, our internet went out. Now, it’s been going in and out fo a while but the past two weeks or so it has happened more frequently and then the first weekend in January, it was went out and pretty much stayed out for almost 3 days with a few bursts of it actually working for about 30 minutes at a time, and when I say a few bursts, I mean 2-3 each day. Sadly, we didn’t always know it was working until the tail end so it didn’t really help us out. In any case, by the time Comcast could get a tech sent out to fix everything and get it working again, race registration was over for both races I had chosen. Way to wait til the last minute Sabrina. 
So I began looking for a different race to sign up for, and I started thinking and the more I started thinking, the more I questioned if registering for an actual event was the right choice for me. I was just getting back into running and financially it may not be the best choice since TJ just started back to school and we haven’t started receiving housing yet. That and those pesky problems called bills and taxes get in the way. So I made the decision to run a virtual race through US Road Running. 
I chose the free option. I did wonder if it doing it this way would cause me to not it take quite as seriously as being in an actual race enviornment. And I was kind of right. I didn’t push myself as hard as I probably would have in a race enviornment but it did push me. Before heading out, I knew I wanted to try something a little different and so instead of heading out and taking my usual route, I went in the opposite direction toward the college that is basically at the edge of our neighborhood. I live so close to the college and it’s baseball and soccer fields, that on game night if the house is quiet you can hear loud cheers from the fans. It’s faint but you can hear it.

The college has a trail that you can walk, run or bike ride on so I figured I’d give it a try. After a short warm-up, I began my 5K on the main road in my neighborhood and then headed towards the college trail. The trail was pretty peaceful despite being right next to the back road that takes you out of my neighborhood. It’s not completely hidden but enough to make it peaceful.

It didn’t start out at all the way I wanted it to. I immediately started feeling it in my legs and I wanted to stop. 2 miles was as far as I wanted to go, and I seemed to struggling to get to that, but I pushed through telling myself this was supposed to be my 5K, and only if I really needed to would stop at 2 miles.

I slowly started feeling better and knew I could get the 5K done, but there would be a walk break in there. I mean, hello, I was just getting back into running after an extended break; I had to allow myself that walk break if I needed it. And I did, but it was the virtual 5K and the thought that I told myself today was the day that actually kept me going to finish it out rather than quit at 2 miles.

So, the virtual 5K definitely helped. It may not have been as motivating but I got it done and that’s what’s important. Oh, and my overall time was just a few seconds slower than my first ever 5K, so I really can’t complain.

****Side note: I’m totally aware this is pretty much the most boring post ever since there are no pictures. Oops!! Next time I run the college trail I’ll be sure to snap some pictures, I promise.

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Back At The Workout Game

It’s pretty safe to say that for the month of December my workouts were pretty non-existent. I took on what started out as a part-time seasonal job, that really ended up being full-time job, which completely shook up my schedule, especially because it was a varying schedule that had me working nights and weekends, something I haven’t done since I lived in Atlanta 4 1/2 years ago. I actually loved the job and hated that it was just seasonal but it’s definitely better than nothing.

Last week, with the holidays and my birthday over, a new year and decade to my life (I’m 30 now….ahhhh!!!) beginning, it was the perfect time to get back into working out and losing some the weight I gained working in a candy store (even if it is some of the best candy). 
2014 in Savannah started off with pretty much two straight days of rain, so my workouts were confined to the comfort of my home. I tried an HIIT workout that was posted in facebook fitness group I am in and it really was a killer workout.
Friday, the rain finally stopped but it was cold (and I am well aware that almost every part of the country is A LOT colder than where I live, but none the less it was cold), but I knew I needed to get a run in. It’s been far too long, but it needed to happen. 
The run didn’t go as well as I would have hoped but I knew I couldn’t expect my best run after such a long break. It was also really windy and I got a really bad side cramp during it too. But I finished and that’s what matters. It’s not exactly giving me high hopes for the 5K this month but I’m still doing it even if I need to take some walk breaks. 
Saturday, I took a rest day. Between my photography business and my DIY blog, I had a few blog posts to write up and a ton of pictures to edit. 
Overall, getting back into the workout groove is feeling pretty great and I can’t complain. I am hoping to get back to my Schweaty Sunday posts but I am not promising that will be a weekly thing. I’ll do my best but we all know how that went last time. LOL!
How was getting back in shape for you after taking an exercise hiatus? Was it tough or did it feel right?
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2014 Races

It’s Friday! Oh, how I love the weekend! As you’re reading this post, I’m finishing up breakfast and trying to get the courage to head out the door and go for a much needed run, especially since I have a race coming up. It’s a very cold morning here in Savannah and I don’t have the proper cold weather gear, so I’m putting together what I have and heading out. Wish me luck.
But speaking of races, in my goals post on Wednesday, I mentioned that I would share my 2014 races, or at least what I plan on running. In the mix, you will find a variety of races, along with a fair amount of virtual races. The virtual races will most likely be done through US Road Running. If you haven’t checked them out, you should. They have tons of virtual races, some that can be done for free (and you can share your time to compare with others) and some that can you pay an entry for to earn a medal. I LOVE these options as they are great motivational tools to keep me and others running. 
So, with further adieu, I present to you my 2014 races!


Rails To Trails 5K OR Cooler in Pooler 5K
This is dependent on TJ’s work schedule but I would love to do the Rails To Trails 5K, and stay and help out for the Ultra that is also taking place. 


Hot Chocolate 10K
This will be my first 10K and Savannah’s first Hot Chocolate Race. I am pretty pumped about this race. I mean what’s not to love; you have running and the hot chocolate!


A Virtual 5K
In an effort to save money I am going to do a few of the free versions of US Road Running’s virtuals. 


Big Nasty Mud Run
I won’t lie. This race makes me happy and anxious at the same time. I think this race will be SO much fun and TJ wants to do it with me as a team. It’s safe to say he will be pushing me harder than I probably want to be pushed, but totally worth it.


Another virtual 5K
As of right now, there are not a light of race options in Savannah in May, so it made making choosing a virtual race really easy!


JCB Mud Run OR a Virtual 5K
This is totally dependent on our budget and what my thoughts of Mud Runs are after the first one, but I’m leaving the virtual 5K option open for this month too.


Summer Soaker 5K
Another super fun race and totally necessary for a race in Savannah. Running while getting shot at with water guns…….AWESOME!


Another Virtual 5K
Maybe it’s because I’m looking so far in advance, but there are not a lot of summer races here, but again it made it easy for choosing the virtual 5K.


Tunnels To Towers 5K
As a former Marine wife and friends to many that are still in the military, first reponders, etc, this race means a lot. Ther was no I could not choose this race this month.


My last Virtual 5K
I think the virtual races will be a bit more relaxed than the other races, which is just what I need before my half marathon next month.


Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon
Just typing this makes me nervous but excited. I’m still in a little disbelief that I am going to do this, but I do know I can do it if I train hard enough.


Enmark Bridge Run
I actually haven’t decided if I want to run the 5K, the 10K or the Double Pump (both the 5K and 10K). Part of this is because I don’t know how I will feel after running the half but also because I know I have time. Registration for it doesn’t even open until June, and I should know by then which I want to do (I hope anyway. lol)
Well that wraps up my race schedule for the year, but this plan is tentative. I could change it depending on number of factors but it’s what I’m shooting for!
What have you planned for 2014? How far in advance do you plan your races?


2014 Goals

As I sit here writing this post, I am in disbelief we it’s 2014. I feel like 2013 just started. Time is flying by so fast. But with the start of a new year, I’m starting with some new goals. Personal goals, blogging goals, and professional goals. And today, I thought I’d share those goals with you. 
They’re not static. I feel that as the year goes on, my goals can change and I may need to refine them. I am OK with that. As we grow and learn about ourselves, personally and professionally, we learn to define our goals in way that fit us. With that in mind, I made these a bit open-ended and vague. I know that, but I feel that this may allow me to truly accomplish my goals,

Personal Goals

2014 is all about becoming a better me. Becoming a better me is taking time for myself. Working out, eating right, relaxing “me” time. It may sound selfish but I know that this will also make me a better wife and mother to my family, which is the ultimate goal
  • Read 25 books. I love to read but I don’t always have make the time to read. It relaxes me and a relaxed wife and mommy makes a happy wife and mommy.
  • Workout 3-4 times each week. I have slacked on working out recently and I need to get back to it. I actually miss it. 
  • Run a half marathon. This is actually a goal I have to complete by the time TJ graduates from SCAD in March 2015, but Savannah only has a handful of half marathons each year. I am no where near ready to run on this Spring, so that leaves one in November or a few in 2015. TJ is also contemplating going to school through the summer, which means he could be graduating November 2014 (EEEK!!), so choosing the half marathon we have in November is the perfect option. Either way, the goal is accomplished.
  • Adding to the half marathon, I want to run a race each month. I have already planned which races I would like to run, some of the being a few virtual races to save a little money but I am pretty pumped about this. I’ll share this list with you later in the week.
  • Meatless dinners 2-4 times/week. This is actually a goal that will take a while to accomplish and a place I would like us as a family to be at by the end of the year, so this definitely wont be happenin right away. I have to work on getting that meat-eatnig hubby of mine to go meatless more often.


These are very general goals and are not quite as defined as they probably should be, but I know I want the blog to grow. 
  • post 1-2 times each week. In the past I have told myself I need to post every day, and it was really hard and a bit overwhelming. It would cause me to almost never post. So instead of trying to post every day, I’m shooting for 1-2 each week. It’s a doable goal that won’t leave me freaking out. 
  • Redesign the blog. I don’t know how just yet, but I know I want to.
  • I want to dive more into social media and gain more readers and reader interaction.


I own my photography business. It’s extremely small and I don’t get a ton of sessions, but I want the business to grow. I have hopes that 2014 will be the year it grows bigger.
  • I would like book 1-3 sessions each month. Ideally, I’d love to have more but I need to start small. 
  • Network, network, network! This is big and I know something I need to work on so people can start knowing who I am. My goal is to network here more and hopefully start networking whereever we will be moving to as soon as we know. 
  • Build a marketing plan. Marketing is a bit overwhelming to me. There are so many ways you can market and it’s a lot of information. This year, I want to dive into the marketing aspect and really begin to understand it.
While I know some of these goals will be tough, I know I can do them all if I focus and work hard.
What are your goals for 2014?