October Goals

So this month, my goals are a lot smaller. The last two months, I feel like I haven’t quite accomplished my goals they way I would have liked. I feel like part of that problem has been having too many. This month, I have reduced the number of goals so that I can really focus on them and try to achieve them exactly as I want.

Fitness Goals

  • Continue to build my running base
    •  This didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to last month but it was there some. This month I want to continue to build my base and be a more consistent runner with 4 runs per week.
  • Strength-train 2-3 times a week
    • Seriously? What is wrong with me? I just can’t get with the program on this, but this month I WILL do it! I am determined

Nutrition Goals

  • Mix up breakfast
    • If you lived at my house, you’d know I have the same thing for breakfast every morning. Some scrambled eggs with cheese and a coffee. It fills me up and is oh-so-delicious. But I really need to add a little variety to my mornings. The goal is to make 2 of my breakfasts each week something other than scrambled eggs.
That about wraps up my October goals for the month.
What are you hoping to accomplish this month?

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