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September Goals (Better Known As August Goals: Round 2)

So….August was kind of a wash fitness-wise and I’m determined to make September better, which shouldn’t be that hard. I think I’m going to use most of the same goals with a few news ones mixed in.

Fitness Goals

  • Build a solid running base.
    • Truthfully, this was something I should have done a long time ago. I never really focused on building a base. With the realization that I was going to have to put actual races on hold for a while, I thought now would be the perfect time to do what I should have already done. This is a bit of a loose goal, but I want to work up to running 20-30 miles a week with 4-5 runs per week. I know this will take time and I’m ok with that. I want toake it slow and work my way up the right way. I’d like to have this accomplished by the end of the year. I will definitely keep you updated on how I’m doing
  • Cross-train 2 times a week
    • Since this just didn’t happen, it’s on my goal list again. I really need to be better at this, and I know I do. I’d like to say with the weather cooling off, it will be a lot easier to do this with the family and get outdoors but it doesn’t really start cooling off til October, so I’ll be getting out early or maybe hitting the pool. One more month to go for cooler weather (and yes I’m counting down).
  • Strength-train 2-3 times a week
    • Another goal that just didn’t happen. I know strength and cross training would help make a better and faster runner. 

Nutrition Goals

  • Eat veggies with lunch at least 3-4 times a week
    • We almost always eat veggies with dinner. It’s rare we don’t. Pizza days are an example of a day we might not eat veggies with dinner. But when it comes lunch, veggies are less common. It’s not generally intentional but I have noticed it has happened and it needs to change. 
  • Prepare our own snacks
    • While I did OK with this last month, I wasn’t ultimately happy with how I did, so I’m adding this again in hopes I can make this a habit and leave processed, convenience foods out of our house as much as possible
  • Meal prep for the week
    • Another goal that failed. I would love to say we had busy fun-filled weekends that caused me to slack on the meal prep to go out the window but that’s only partially true. While a few weekends were busy or we were out of town, there was still time to get the meal prepping in and I didn’t do it.

Green Goals

I have been working on slowly becoming more green (there will be a post on this), but sometimes it feels slightly overwhelming. Setting a few small goals each month will help be go green in a manageable, non-overwhelming way.
  • Find an all-natural hand soap recipe
    • So, while we were in Atlanta, we had dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill, which if you’ve never eaten one, you totally should. I had a bison burger that was to die for. Enough about the food though, on a trip to the bathroom, I discovered they have this all-natural powdered soap. Yes, I said powdered. It was so cool. It was a bit gritty and made feel like I was not only washing my hands but also gently exfoliating too. I want it and am on a mission to find a recipe or version of it.
  • Start using coconut oil as my makeup remover.
    • I typically don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out or having people over, but on a stay-at-home day, I just don’t see the point. But when I do wear makeup, I want a green way to take it off at night. I’ve heard rave reviews about coconut oil as a makeup remover and I’m pretty excited to try it out. I just need to go pick some up.
  • Get TJ to start using out reusable totes
    • TJ has no problem using reusable totes when I’m with him, but when he runs to the store on his own, he never uses them. I’m not sure what the reason, but I’m fairly positive he just doesn’t think about. Or maybe he doesn’t want to carry them. In any case, I’m snot sure the reason, but I’d like to get him in the habit of using them as well. 
That’s about it for this month. Most are familiar from last month but I think after the crazy motnh we had I need a do-over
What are you hoping to accomplish this month?

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