August Goals: How’d I Do?

August has come and gone and now it’s time to see just how well I did on those goals. Spoiler Alert: August was not the best month for our family and it shows. Just a lot going on and not going our way. Some of those events included the passing of a family member and a broken car…in the same week.

Fitness Goals

  • Continue with my 10K training.
    • I was going strong at the beginning of the month, then it got hot, like 95 degrees but felt like 105. That is no bueno in my book and I got a little lazy. Something else that deflated my motivation just a bit was our financial situation. Money is always tighter for us over the summer (we don’t have TJ’s student loans or housing money for school to rely on), which is something we consider. Unfortunately due to a broken car and the loss of a family member with an out of town funeral, our finances became even tighter in the toughest month of the year for us. We have been working hard to get some some stuff paid off and save for a move after TJ graduates in 18 months. With all that happened in August and trying to save and pay off debt, we knew a few things had to give. One of those became my races. There are numerous races I have talked to TJ about running, most of which he was going to do with me, doubling our race entry fees. Deciding to give up racing for a while was tough for me, but I know the right decision for our family right now. I will absolutely go back to racing but I know that taking a break from to save that money for our future is what needs to be. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop running, but it did defalte that motivation I had and I know contributed to slacking on wokouts this month
  • Cross-train 2 times a week
    • Walks with the kids happened here and there but the pool never happened. 🙁
  • Strength-train 2-3 times a week
    • Uh……yeah. This didn’t happen. I’m telling my workouts completely fell by the waistside this month. Sad, sad, sad, but hey at least I pretty much know what my goals next month will be. LOL!

Nutrition Goals

  • Do a better job with meal planning
    • This stayed pretty well, except for the last week which was when we came back from Atlanta and no planning was done while we were at the funeral. I could definitely still improve and fine tune but meal planning helps us save money each month so this will continue
  • Prepare our own snacks
    • I did awesome….for the first two weeks. And then I caved to the convenience snacks of the grocery store. 
  • Meal prep for the week
    • I did it the first Sunday and that was it. This will almost certainly be on the Sept goal list

Green Goals

  • Unplugging any electronics we aren’t using
    • I disn’t do as well as I had hoped to do but definitely did better. I unplugged my cell phone charger every night, but didn’t turn off my computer and unplug it like I planned to. I did a few times but not enough. I unplugged lamps, and a few other items throughout the house that weren’t used a lot which I know helped but there could have been more. I’ll get there.
  • Finding a green recipe for my dishwashing detergent
    • I found a green recipe but I haven’t tried it yet. I was about to make the recipe and the day before I was going to make it, TJ went out to the store and bought more detergent. This is typically not like him at all. Bless him, but he doesn’t always notice when we run out of something unless it’s milk. Or if he does notice, he usually tells me so I can pick it. This was the first time in a really long time, that he went out and picked some up all on his own. And I didn;t have the heart to tell him I was going to start making our own and then return it so, I just went with and started to use it. I know, I know, not very green at all, but I didn’t want to deflate my husband for doing what he thought was a good thing (and it was)
  • Use our resuable totes on every shopping trip
    • I did pretty good with this one. I used our reusable totes on almost every trip. There were only a few times when I forgot them and they were usually when I ran in somewhere to pick up one or two things at Target

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