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Friday Faves

Friday Faves #8

Cashew Brownie Batter Bites from Fitnessista: Before I even read this post, I knew this would be a pin just based off the title. Cashews + Brownie Batter = WIN!!!!! These look amazing (as do most things Gina makes) and I have most of these ingredients already. I’m missing a few but nothing I can’t pick up at the grocery store this weekend!

Ultimate Workout Playlist from Honey We’re Healthy: Megan wasn’t kidding when she said she put together the ultimate playlist. In this post, she shares 60 (yes, I said 60!!!) songs that are sure to give you variety in your workout playlist. You seriously have to check out her list!

This Video Will Convice You To Ditch Your Cell Phone from Greatist: I shared this post on facebook and twitter yesterday but it’s totally worth sharing again. We have become a world dependent on technology, mainly our cell phones. We do it so much that it sometimes affects our real-life relationships. It has definitely made me think about starting a technology-free or at least cell phone- free night once a week.

The T-Shirt Towel Swap from Lauren Conrad: This is a super short, very easy beauty tip that I don’t want to say to much about, because I want you to click on the link and check it yourself. And it totally be somthing I will be trying. Do I have you intrigued yet? 😉

35 Healthy Ways To Have the Healthiest School Year Ever from Greatist: Serioulsy, Greatist has some really fantastic posts. If you’re new to the blog, you will learn how much I love the Greatist site. They are frequent guests on my Froday Faves, and if you’ve been here for a while, then you already know how much I love them. While the title of this post doesn’t necessarily pertain to me (I’m not in school), I was intrigued to see what they had to say. And what they had to say doesn’t just apply to students; it can apply to everyone. These tips (and links to other information) are truly fabulous! I could devote a whole post to just how awesome this post is, but I won’t takeup your time doing that. Instead, I want you to click on the link and read it for yourself. It’s totally worth your time.
Friday Faves

Friday Faves #7

Cheddar and Smoky Cherry Panini from Happy Healthy Mama: This sandwich looks SO good it’s making me hungry, and I just ate….10 minutes ago! Seriously, I’m drooling over this thing so much my computer might just short out. I’m a sucker for a good hot sandwich. I think I’ll be adding this to our menu ASAP!

Running While Pregnant from Food, Fitness and Family: No, I’m not pregnant but I think this is a fabulous post for anyone that is. Madeline shares some of tips that’s she’s picked up while running during pregnancy. A must read for anyone who is, or thinking about, becoming pregnant

Foods You Need In Your Diet from Lauren Conrad: I don’t know about you, but I love knowing (most of the time) that what I’m eating is good for me. In this post Team LC share some of the best foods to put in your diet (if they aren’t already) and why. I am happy to report almost all of these are included in my diet, with the exception of steel cut oats, (I have regualr ones and kale (I really need to jump on that train).

Microwave Sweet Potato Muffin from The Lean Green Bean: This makes me smile. I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes and like to cook it with meals. I almost always have leftovers because TJ and Jordyn aren’t huge fans of it. On top of using my leftovers on this delicious lunch, I now have another option for how to use my leftovers. Yu

Retraining Our Brains from Blueberry Smiles: I seriously think this is my favorite post of the week. Don’t get me wrong, the other posts rock, but this post is about our mental wellness and retraining our brains to focus on the positive. Rebecca shares her thoughts along with a video you MUST watch. The video is 12-13 minutes long but totally worth it and the guy is funny. If you watch it, please, please, please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think!

That about wraps up this week’s Friday Faves! 

Do you have any you would like to share?


Healthy Snacks for Kids

Good morning! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! I’m back today with the sequel to last week’s Healthy Lunches for Kids post. Today, I want to share healthy snacks.

Fruit Let’s start with the easiest snack. My kids are fruit eating machines. I actually have to hide the fruit in the fridge so they don’t eat all at once. I wash and cut all the fruit each Sunday, so it’s ready to eat when the kids are hungry or I need to pack Dylan’s lunch

Veggies Another very obvious option but worth mentioning. Just like the fruit, I was and cut these on Sunday so they’re ready to go. Sometimes, I give them a little dressing to go with their and other’s I let them eat plain. Another great option to go with their veggies….hummus. I haven’t had Dylan try any yet, but I’m determined to have him try it soon.

Popcorn And not the microwave kind. We have haven’t bought microwave popcorn in years. It’s not good for you and is full of chemicals. We buy the kernels and just pop them on the stove. It saves money and is a lot better for you. And the best part is you can add different spices or toppings and create your flavors each time constantly switching it up.

String cheese There’s not much to say about string cheese except yum. It’s a favorite snack for both of my kids and is perfect to grab on the go.

Mini cookies There are times when you just have to let kids be kids and they need to indulge like the rest of us. And their indulgences are usually in the form of cookies. Now I’m not saying you don’t have to make healthy versions of your favorite cookies because I totally do, but I do moderate how many my kids eat and they love when I make them. My trick, I just make them smaller, so my kids have a greater number of cookies but because they’re smaller, they don’t realize it’s the same as if they had a fewer number of the bigger cookies.

Yogurt Yogurt is one of those snacks that is in so many flavors there’s sure to be one that will satisfy your hunger. We always have yogurt in our house because if I don’t, Jordyn is not a happy toddler if that’s her snack choice of the moment. Dylan’s favorite yogurt is Chobani Champions and he loves topping it with granola. 

Granola A favorite for topping granola at our house, granola also makes a tasty snack alone. While, we do buy granola, we also make our own. Julie, from Peanut Butter Fingers has an awesome peanut butter granola recipe that you have to try. It is SO good!

Roasted Chickpeas I love roasted chickpeas, and so does Dylan. You can add so many different spice combinations. You can go a sweet taste, salty taste, spicy taste or combo between more than one. In our house, we have found that this is a great snack when we’re craving chips.

Roasted Sugar Snap Peas I have not tried these nor have my kids, but I keep wanting to make them. I’m more of a salty snack person than a sweet snack person, so this is a snack that has been calling my name. Tossing some snack peas in a little olive oil and sprinkled with some salt then roasted; what’s not to love. Just like roasted chickpeas, it’s a cruncy snack you can have instead of chips.

Chips & Salsa
It’s no secret that kids love chips and when they have something to dip them in, it makes kids smile even more. We often have chips and salsa as a snack. We find some all natural chips that are lower in salt and will either find an all natural salsa or make our own for the kids to snack on. This is another snack that we portion and limit though since it can be easy to go overboard

Trail Mix Oh, the endless possibilities when it comes to trail mix. I could probably do a whole post on different trail mix recipes (hmmm….maybe that’s an idea). There are so many different items you can use to make your own trail mix, and your kids can help pick out what they want them in too. Dylan loves choosing some of the ingredients. Our favorites usually include a mix of salty and sweet.
That about wraps up some healthy snack ideas for kids. Kid snacks are my favorite thing to come up with, especially if I can get the kids to help me make them.

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What kind of snacks do your kids eat?
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Weekend in Review #1

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope yours was as great as ours.


Not too much happened over here. A little bit of relaxation, which was much needed


No pictures to post, but it was unexpected busy day. Saturday, I knew I needed to head out Target to pick up a few gifts for the birthday boy. I also knew that my friend Beth was up at the school working on some lastminute stuff for the the start of school today. I decided to pop on over and see if she wanted to tag along. The moment I walked in, I could tell she was a bit frazzled. I asked if she wanted to join me but she said she had a lot to get done so it would be a few hours. I offered to help with what I could thinking that could speed up the process. Boy was I wrong! It definitely took us longer than either of us thought it would but it was a good thing I stopped by because I did help her get everything done for the first week. Four hours later, we headed out for a late lunch and then a Target and AC Moore shopping trip. We found a few gifts for Dylan and by the time I got home, it was time for dinner. And once the kids were off to bed, it was time to wrap these presents and make Dylan’s birthday cake. 


Sunday was all about Dylan. We kept the morning pretty low key but in the afternoon, we surprised Dylan with a trip to FunZone. It was full of mini golf,

2 rounds of go carts (one with Beth)

and one without.

It was then back to the house where we opened presents (oops, I left the clearance tag on it. hahaha)

and I made Dylan an ice cream cake! My first ever attempt and it was pretty good. Don’t mind the “cake plate.” It’s really the lid to a really big bowl, but since I have no cake plate, I make it work. lol.

And with present and cake time over, it was time to begin our back to school bedtime routine, because today……



Happy Birthday Dylan!

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Today is a day all about Dylan! My baby boy is 8 years old today! I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He gets taller by the day, smarter by the minute and more independent by the second.

To celebrate this crazy, kind-hearted little boy, we planned a little surprise for him and I’ll fill you in on all the details soon, but for now, I just wanted to stop in and wish him a very


Have a great Sunday and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Schweaty Sunday #2

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Welcome back to Round #2 of Schweaty Sunday! I hope you enjoyed the first round. Let’s dive right it in to this week!


Starting the day with church and finishing it relazing and hanging out with my three favorite people. Couldn’t have asked for anything better


This run started off rough, and stayed rough. It was my worst run, by far, and my bad luck streak run continues. I know this happens from time to time and it will pass, but when that next run starts and you realize it will be another bad run, it leaves you feeling deflated. I’m ready for the bad streak to be over. On a more positive note, once I got home I got in a short but effective leg workout that gave left me feeling better.


Nothing fancy. Just a simple rest day that allowed me to get a ton done around the house.


My first speed work workout! I really enjoyed it but I think I ran too fast on the fast intervals. I found myself struggling to finish each interval and having to walk during the slow intervals to recover. I really need to learn about pacing myself better.


I am 100% calling this an active rest day. I spent ALL DAY at the high school helping a friend (a different one) set up her classroom. I was up and down on more ladders student desks haning posters, then walking around the school making copies and putting papers together. It was no joke movement all day long.


I slept poorly Thursday night and was anxious all day waiting on some news (that didn’t go my way but  nothing to stress too much about) and just relaxed for the day. It was much needed for my mental health.


Another night of poor sleep gave me zero motivation for a run today but I knew I needed to get something in. I chose this upper arm workout and did 3 rounds of it. I had every intention of getting in some yoga but an unexpected call for help was received and I couldn’t say no, which I’ll fill you in on tomorrow.

That about wraps up another Schweaty Sunday. Here’s to a more active workout week this week and a little less active everything else. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Friday Faves

Friday Faves #6

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Friday Faves is back! I know you’re super excited. I am excited to have it back. I love sharing such fabulous blog posts from around the blogosphere.

Edible Flowers from Sustainable Baby Steps: OK, before you get all wierd on me for a minute, just take a moment to think about all the other plants we eat (hello, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes). While this is a bit unconventional, I was intrigued by the title of the post and even more interested as I read it. Who knew so many of our garden flowers were edible.

13 Unexpected Ways To Fit Cardio Into Your Routine from Greatist: We all know how crazy life can get at times and that can make fitting cardio time in tough. Greatist is here to share some fun ways to make sure you fit a little cardio into your life

Blueberry Pie Oatmeal Parfait from Dashing Dish: Umm…..I want this….NOW!!! Everytime I look at it, I want it. I will be making this deliciously looking breakfast soon, once I pick up some blueberries and vanilla greek yogurt

Move It Monday: Getting PHAT from Best Body Bootcamp: So just the “PHAT” reference alone makes me want to share this post. Tina brought back all kinds of memories from the days when calling someone “PHAT” not “fat” was cool, well for me she did anyway. What does PHAT mean here? Peripheral Heart Action Training. What does that mean? Check out Tina’s post (I can’t share all the juicy parts of her post) and while you’re there check out her pretty PHAT workout too!

Dreamy Dark Chocolate Scones from Peas and Crayons: When your husband walks by you while looking at a new recipe and then stops and comes back and says, “Make that! Make that now.” And then insists you literally stop what you’re doing to pick up the missing ingredients from the grocery store, you know it’s a post you have to share. This is that post. He and my son are begging me to make this. Guess, I should head to the store and by the ingredients for these amaingly delicious looking scones. Warning: You will be craving these (or at least chocolate) after looking at this post.

Awesome August Workout from Fitnessista: If you have never checked out Gina’s blog, you totally should. She post some great recipes and some amazing workouts, like this one. I have this pinned and will be trying this soon.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent from Hometalk: It’s like they knew I was looking for a dishwasher detergent recipe. We are pretty much out of our store bought detergent, and I already have the ingredients on hand. Fingers crossed it works!

That about wraps it up this week. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Do you have any favorite blog posts you want to share? I’d love read them!

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Flavorfy with Dasani Drops (And My Very First Giveaway!)

***Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Influenster and Dasani Drops. I received these products as compensation to review but all opinions are my own. 


Yesterday, I shared with you some ways to help you make sure you get your water in for the day. One of the tips, I shared was flavoring your water with fruit. Today, I’m bringing you another way to flavor your water: Dasani Drops
Dasani Drops are a great way and easy way to add a little flavor to your water. Just a squeeze a small amount into your bottle of water, close the cap, shake it up and you’re good to go. You can add as little or as much as you want. The more you add, the more flavor you will get. I, personally, don’t add much. I don’t need a lot of flavor.
Dasani Drops comes in 6 different flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut, Mixed Berry, Cherry Pomegrante and Grape. I tried both the grape and cherry pomegrante flavors. The grape was a very typically grape flavor. I liked it, but I also like grape flavored foods. The cherry pomegrante was SO good! That’s the one I’ve used the most. I love sticking it in my purse and taking it out with me. If we’re out and decide to get something drink or go out to eat, I can order a water and add some Dasani Drops to my water. Having a way to “flavorfy” my water on the go is great!
And one more cool tip about these drops; you can mix the flavors to come up with new flavors, or add other ingredients for new drinks. I mixed grape and cherry pomegrante together and made a new flavor I call “Fushia Fusion.”
And here’s your chance to try two flavors from Dasani Drops. One lucky winner will receive two different flavors to try. 
Just enter the giveaway belows and tell me; what flavors would you like to try?

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Ways To Get That Water In!

It’s summertime and the weather is hot! With hot temperatures comes the need to be more diligent than ever about your water consumption. Did you know that standard 64 oz of water per day is not necessarily right for everyone? While each person’s daily water needs is different and can vary for you as individual from day to day, there are a few things you can do to figure out your recommended daily amount.

The first thing you need to know is your weight. Your minimum daily water intake should be half your weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should drink at least 70 oz of water per day. This is the bare minimum for your day. There are other factors you need to look as well that will usually up your water intake. Some of these factors are if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, if you live in a dry climate, live at a high altitude, or live in an area with extreme temperatures (I totally get this is subjective seeing as I would probably say Savannah has some extreme temperatures (hot temps) at times and the average person will say I’m crazy. lol).

How much more water do you add, you may ask? This amount will also vary. For me, I use an app (which I’ll go more in detail about in another post soon), but one thing I have noticed is that this app will tell me to drink an extra oz of water for every 10 minutes of exercise, so for a 45 minute workout it will suggest 4.5 oz more. If I have an especially intense workout or it’s a pretty hot and humid day outside, then I, personally, will add a few more oz to that.

As for getting all that water in, I sometimes struggle with it. I have gotten a lot better than I used to be but I could always improve a little more. Sometimes, I need a little variety with my water, or I find myself at the end of the day with a ton of water left to drink. I need to come with some new ways to get my water consumption up. I asked around on two Facebook fitness groups I’m apart of for their help and what they do. Together, I think, a helpful list was formed

Start your day with 8 oz of water. Try drinking 8 oz before anything else, and yes that means before your coffee. I know that’s tough, but I started doing this about a month ago and saw a major improvement in my daily water consumption. Each night before bed I put 8 oz of water in the fridge so it’s ready and cold in the mornings. Try it! You’ll be 8 oz closer to your goal before coffee!

Mark your bottles. This was suggested by one of the members of a group I’m part of and it is something I have seen floating around on Pinterest. All it takes, is a reusable water bottle and a sharpie marker. Just mark off spots on your water bottle and write a time you want to be done. For example if you want to be halfway done with your water bottle at noon, make a mark at the halfway point and write 12 pm. I think this is a cool idea but not for me. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t like writing on my water bottles. I don’t even like to write my name on it, but I will if I have to (or I’ll use my label maker…..nerd alert!).

Set time goals. For anyone out there that doesn’t like writing on their water bottles like me, you can also just set time goals. Maybe you know you need to drink 4 bottles of water by the end of the day. You know you need to be finished with the each one every 4 hours, or however you want to set it up.

Add fruit to your water. Adding fruit to your water can give it a little bit of flavor and help with the, “I’m tired of water feeling.” Does anyone else get that? Just me. Well sometimes, I need a little variety in my water. Even adding a few slices of lemon, cucumber, or even berries can liven up your water.

Add a splash of juice. Not a fan of actual fruit in your water? Don’t worry. I used to be that way. Another way to add a little flavor to you water is to add a splash, and I mean a little diving splash, not a cannon ball splash of juice to your water. You just want a hint of flavor. And with all the varieties of juice out there, you have so many possibilities.

Partner with friends. Sometimes all you need is a little push and motivation from friends and family to get you going. It works that way for fitness, why can’t it work that way for water consumption too? With a little encouragement and push from friends, it can work to get you drinking (water, that is). A few simple texts, facebook messages, or tweets throughout the day to check in with each other is all it takes to help each other out.

Reward system. I know this sounds juvenile but hear me out on this one. You’ve heard of reward systems for weight loss, workouts, and even healthy eating; so can’t the same idea be applied to water consumption? I will never take your morning coffee away (some of you may bite me if I did that) but after you drink your coffee, tell yourself you can only have water until you reach your goal. Once you do, you can reward yourself with another beverage of choice. This could especially work for people who drink a lot of other beverages throughout the day, such as soda and tea.

Apps for your phone. There are tons of apps out that that can help you track your water. I will go more in detail in another post about some of the apps that I think are the best but some are basic, while some are a bit more intricate. While my favorite app is not free, there are a good number of free apps that are just as great too.

These are just some ways to help make sure you get your water consumption for the day. And with the summer heat, it’s important to make sure you get yours in.

How do you make sure you get your water consumption in? 

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Healthy Lunches for Back To School

I can’t believe it’s almost time! In just 6 short days, Dylan will go back to school and be in 3rd grade. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing. Before I know he’ll be in high school, and not wanting my help. But until then, I’m going to soak up all the “help” I can give.

One of those ways is to make sure I send him to school with a healthy well balanced lunch. Thursday, I shared my nutrition goals for the month, and I mentioned how with Dylan going back to school, I wanted to prepare and create our own healthier snacks, especially for Dylan’s lunches. With that, also comes healthier entrees as well. 
I’ve been doing a little pinterest and internet research for some lunch ideas, along with coming up with some of my own for Dylan to take to school. And today, I’m going to share with you a list of what I have come up with. This is not all there is out there, of course, but I will be honest, I was keeping my 7 year old in mind, when I was making this list.

PB&J on a whole wheat mini bagel Dylan is a huge fan of Peanut Butter and Jelly. If I let him, he’d have it for lunch everyday. And while I don’t typically have a problem with it as lunch, a normal size sandwich just is a larger portion size than I would like, so instead I would often make him half a sandwich. Then it occured to me while shopping one day to use mini bagels, or slider buns for that matter. Dylan likes bagels better so this is perfect. And the smaller sandwich allows for more heathier side and snack options

Mini Chicken Club Sandwiches This pretty much goes right along with the mini peanut butter idea, but I would most likely use whole wheat slider buns for this. Just grill up some chicken and cut it up the night before or on Sunday when you do the rest of your meal prep, and all you have to do in the morning is put the sandwich together.

Mini pita pockets This was an idea I found on the internet, but unfortunately I can’t remember where. I have always done half a pita pocket for Dylan. I had no idea they made mini pita pockets. I am now on the serious hunt for mini pitas for Dylan’s lunch. You can add tuna, chicken salad, grilled chicken with veggies and a vinegarette dressing, and tons more ideas.

Healthy pizza I think this is one of my favorite ideas. It’s something I have thought of, but haven’t done it. It is also something I found on the internet as well. What I love the most about this recipe is that your kids can help you make this. Just make your favorite pizza dough recipe (if you have a good, preferably whole wheat one, please share. I don’t have a favorite yet), and your kids help spread the sauce and add the ingredients they choose. You can even divide the piza dough up to create mini pizzas so each child can have their own pizza.

Salad (green leafy, bean, pasta) Oh, we can go into the many different kinds of salads out there and share recipe after recipe (Ok, I’m sharing one below), but basically, you can pack your kids salad for lunch. I’m sure you’ve pack it for your own lunch before, so you know it does fine. Any salad you can think, an know they’ll eat: green leafy salads, bean salads, pasta salads, they all sound delicious. Just be sure to pack the salad dressing from any green leafy salads, so that it doesn’t get soggy.

Corn, Black Bean and Mango Salad This recipe looks too good not to share. To me, I think this would be good wam or cold, but if they prefer it warm, just heat it up in the morning and pop it in a thermos. Check it out here.

Chili Even though Savannah doesn’t get as cold as I would like it to get (I want snow in the winter), it doesn cool down enough for some good chili in the fall and winter. We love chili in our house. And this year, I plan on sending Dylan to school with some leftover chili. I haven’t yet picked up a thermos, but it’s on my list of back to school supplies for him. Putting some heated leftover chili in a thermos for lunch has to be one of the easiest lunch preps ever. I will love for those days!

Soup I will also live for soup days. It’s another super easy lunch day. And just like chili, is perfect for lunch in a thermos the next day. I love soup and am constantly trying out new soup recipes on my family. Our favorite (and one I plan on making multiple times this fall and winter) is this tomato soup recipe from Jenn over at Peas and Crayons complete with the Baked Mozzarella Balls. It is hands down  my favorite tomato soup recipe and one of my all time favorite meals. My husband has put this at the top of his Top 10 meals I’ve made, and my kids kept asking for more, even after it was gone. It was a soup, I originally thought would be my lunch the next day. Everyone liked it so much, there were no leftovers. Seriously, you HAVE TO make this soup!

Mac-N-Cheese A kid favorite, this list couldn’t not include some good ol’ mac-n-cheese. But I’m not talking about the boxed kind, I’m talking about the homemade kind. While this isn’t the healthiest option on the list, you can do things to make it a little healthier, like using whole wheat pasta, soy milk, or low-fat cheese. You can also try this Quinoa Mac N Cheese recipe, another favorite in our house.

Corn & Zucchini Fritters This idea came from Bon Appetit and is actually an idea I have yet tried with Dylan and not really sure if he will like. However, I do love it and am hoping it’s a success. Prepare a batch of whole wheat pancake batter, using about 1/2 the liquid. Stir in a cup thawed frozen corn, one small grated zucchini and a handful of Parmesan, and a sliced scallion. The zucchini will add moisture; add more liquid if the batter is too stiff. Cook until golden, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Pack with Greek yogurt for dipping.

BLTA wraps (or any other kind of wrap) Wraps are a fun and different take on a sandwich. At least that’s what Dylan thinks. I make these frequently and he loves them. His only complaint: that the wraps would fall apart on him, so when I made them, I started wrapping the finished wrap in parchment or wax paper (just depended on what I had at the moment). I told him when it was lunch time, to just unwrap a little of the paper and eat the wrap so it would stay closed. He said that it was much better. Just like sandwiches, the possibilities are endless, like an amazingly awesome BLTA wrap. A BLT with avocado anyone? Sounds like my kind of lunch.

Smoothies This idea is not mine. I wish it was. I want to claim this one as my own genius idea. Instead, I have to leave the credit to Lisa from 100 Days of Real Food. Dylan loves smoothies. I think the kid could live off smoothies and PB&J, so when I found this idea, I knew I had to include it in the post. Lisa uses these freeze pop molds, which I will be ordering soon to freeze the smoothies in. You can make any smoothie you want. I say load it with all the veggies you can. And then when you pack your kid’s lunch, just pull one out of the freezer and it will still be cold, but partially thawed for lunch time.

Last, I want to share this post by Lisa Leake over at 100 Days of Real Food. When I was searching the internet for more ideas, I came across her School Lunch Round-up post and immediately knew this was a post worth pinning. She has way too many ideas to mention in this post, so instead, I want to share the entire post with you. If you have school-aged kids, you should totally check this post out.

Some of these sound so delicious that they will actually be going on my lunch menu too, as well as Jordyn’s menu. It’s going to make lunch time at our house so easy. And be on the lookout next week for Part 2 to this post: Healthy Snacks for Kids.