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Week 3 Yoga Challenge

I have a confession to make. This week I have been slacking big time in the fitness department. I have been so preoccupied with getting these picture edits done that I haven’t taken time to focus on myself and workout. I’m pretty disappointed in myself. I only got one run in this week and didn’t even fulfil my yoga challenge for the week. 🙁

Speaking of that yoga challenge I’ve been participating in. It’s hosted by Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Challenge: To complete 3 yoga sessions per week


  • I started the week off great with a 30 minute yoga session from I am loving the site and their workouts.
  • My second session was last night and it was only a 10 minute session. For whatever reason yoga has slipped my mind this week until last night. We came home from having dinner at friends house and it just popped into my mind. I was exhausted but knew I should get a session in. It was mybarre3 to the rescue with one of their 10 minute videos.
I’m so disappointed in myself. I almost always never beat myself up over anything but I am letting this one get to me.
I must, and will, step it up next week. I’m hoping to work on my July workout schedule today and finish it up by Sunday, along with some July goals. I’m also hoping to start (probably not finish though) my July menus. Often times if I make a menu, we’re pretty good about sticking to it, but if I don’t then our meals aren’t usually as healthy, so I’m working on menus and firmly sticking to them next month.
Have you let yourself down and beaten yourself up about it? What did you do to make sure you did better the next time around?

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